Top 7 Fun Things to Do while Hiking

Going out for a hike or camping without fun activities to indulge in, in my mind, is a big shame. There are a lot more activities to enjoy while hiking than just climbing mountains and trekking through the woods and bushes. Therefore, like any other form of adventure, going out should bring excitement and positive mind and body development. That is why we have decided to discuss the top fun things to do hiking, which will satisfy both adults and kids while out there.

In terms of health and fitness, hiking is among the best outdoor fitness activities for healthy living. The best part is, there are so many engaging activities to try out during your hike. The list might be endless, but we have selected the best to keep your excitement up throughout your adventure.

Trail running, backpacking, mountain climbing, and outdoor sports are some of the most commonly known activities among adventurers. But the truth is, there are a lot more things to do out of the house to help you quench your thirst for exploration. The only focus you need to have when selecting from the best hiking activities is your personal interest and their benefits. Pick the activity that will make it possible for you to have fun and achieve your goals at the same time.

Best Fun Things to Do Hiking for both Adults and Kids

There are several hiking activities that will make your day, whether you are an alone hiker or hiking with friends. These things to do, vary in levels of excitement they can create and also the extent of health benefits they bring. However, any activity among the ones discussed below will definitely blow your mind. They have remained top hiking activities for years, despite the drastic changes in culture, weather, and lifestyles globally.

Therefore, if you are planning a hike sooner or later, you should consider some of the things to do that have been elaborated below. It did not take only a team of experts to put down the list below. The list was inspired by personal experiences and research on current hiking trends. Keep reading to understand each activity and why you don’t want to miss out.

Selecting the Best Fun Things to Do Hiking

Firstly, when planning your hike, there are important factors you need to consider. In most cases, they are like questions you need to answer before putting down a budget or strategy. For instance, why are your reasons for hiking? Who are you going hiking with? Which is your most preferred hiking area? What hiking activities are available over there?

Once you are able to answer these questions, then you can be assured of having a successful adventure. Anyway, the most popular fun hiking activities include:

1. Geocaching

Among all hiking activities, geocaching is popular as the most complex and exciting outdoor source of fun worldwide. This recreational activity requires participants to have handheld GPS units or any other device that supports a GPS system. It could be your phone or GPS watch.

The game requires hikers to search for hidden objects, mostly tins (needs to be waterproof) hidden at different points with known coordinates. Depending on the rules, you either keep what you find as a trophy or, you might be required to sign a logbook (normally found in the tin) to confirm you found the cache and then return the object exactly where and how you found it.

2. Fun Fishing

Secondly, if your hike takes you along the river or near an open lake, you should consider packing fishing equipment. Finding the right purpose for your hiking trip will make your time out there more interesting. And trust me, as a father, for instance, taking your boy out for a fishing day is one of the best memories both of you can ever build. It gives you a great bonding time with your little ones.

That is why we listed this outdoor activity here. Catching fish isn’t as simple as it sounds. But once you know or learn the trick and get used to the culture, you will agree with me that the activity is so exciting. As an outdoor enthusiast, you need to consider fishing for one of your hiking outings. Just remember to check the area’s fishing forecast before living for your hiking trip.

3. Hunting and Survival Games

On the other hand, if you are not into fishing then hunting can just be your poison. Hunting for sport is a skill that flows in the blood of a typical American. Actually, hunting is a global thing. If you follow its history, you will understand why we still enjoy it up to date. Bow hunting or rifle hunting gives you weapon and gun handling skills that are very essential in day-to-day life. As long as you know how to pick and handle your weapon of choice well, then you are good to go.

For the case of guns, the .22 rimfire rifle is a perfect hunting weapon for both beginners and pros. It is also a great weapon for gun training and range shooting. Anyway, just like hunting or instead of hunting, you can choose to enjoy survival games in the jungle. Apart from the excitement, you get to learn great skills that can keep you out of danger and even rescue you in case you get lost while hiking.

4. Swimming in Open Lakes

Another interesting and among the most refreshing hiking activities is having an afternoon swim in an open lake. Before I tell you about how amazing this gets on your hiking day, I need you to understand something first. I was reading an article on Forbes, about how to avoid getting sick from a hotel swimming pool. One of the most important things I noted, was that you are already protected from such risks by just swimming in fresh natural waters.

Just make sure you know the area well and the condition of the water. Treated swimming pool water might be safe for other individuals but dangerous to some. The chemicals used to treat swimming pool water might trigger allergic reactions or even get poisonous when swallowed accidentally. Anyway, I’m not trying to scare you away from hotel pools. This is just a legit opinion with existing facts.

5. Photography and Video Production

Moving on, the next one is taking photos and making videos on your hiking trip. Did you know, random photos and raw videos make the most viral content?  If you didn’t, now you know. Most importantly, hiking provides great sceneries for world-class photography and the perfect environment for video production. You will be amazed by how much local hiking venues have been captured on scenes from top-rated movies globally.

On the other hand, environmental photography and pictures of nature are easier found on top of the world galleries and photo museums. Never underestimate the power of your hike. Because a well-planned hike can end up debuting your photography or videography career.

6. Tracking or Hide-and-Seek

Apart from that, tracking or hide and seek is a lot more fun than it sounds. This is one of the best activities for group hikers or when hiking with family and friends. It is more traditional than geocaching or treasure hunts because you don’t need a lot of planning. Also, there is no special equipment for this activity. It is simply a game where the rest of the group hides living one person to search for and find them.

In simple terms, the tracker (searcher) is blindfolded and has to countdown before removing the blindfold to allow the others to find a convenient hiding place. The rule is simple. Once found, you are either penalized or take the next searching role. Trust me, it gets very interesting with the right company.

7. Treasure Hunts

Nevertheless, using the concept of geocaching, you can decide to make your hiking experience a little more rewarding. Only that in the case of treasure hunts, you don’t necessarily need GPS devices. A simple treasure hunt can be planned by a group of few participants. All you need is put down general rules for the activity. After which, you have to come up with a form of reward or present. For instance, you need boxes full of candy or any kind of goodies.

These boxes are then hidden in different places for participants to search for. The participants are then provided with clues to guide them to the treasure location. The point of the game is, whoever finds the treasure enjoys it or takes it home with them. This hiking activity will make your outdoor experience more memorable and exciting.

What are the Major Health Benefits of Fun Things to Do Hiking?

It turns out that, these fun things to do hiking are not just for excitement alone. The activities can revolutionize your lifestyle and turn it into healthy and stress-free living. Isn’t that what we, the millennials, are looking for? Irrespective of your age group, health and fitness is the way to go. And when you can achieve to live fit and still enjoy memorable moments, then there is nothing left to worry about.

Specifically, never underestimate the power of an hour or two-hour swim. Did you know, body health research by WebMD shows that swimming is among the greatest activities that can help you burn a lot of body calories and maintain full-body fitness? On the other hand, trail running involves a lot of tactical training and body exercises that can transform your body as far as fitness is concerned. It is literally a full package.

All in all, some of the most important benefits you will get from the above-explained hiking activities include:

  • Enjoy stress-free life, mind development, and mental health – increase your productivity.
  • You also gain body health and general fitness – sweating out toxic substances.
  • These activities give you muscle fitness and general body strength easily through fun.
  • Lift your social health, building friendship and happiness – boost your daily moods.
  • Get the chance to achieve your personal goals like weight loss, good body, and more.
  • Hiking activities can help you reform bad habits like drug abuse or gambling.

Important Hiking Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Passionate hikers will tell how the experience is out of this world and how you don’t want to be left behind. On the other hand, pro hikers will always give you important tips to achieve the fun adventure. What I’m saying is, there is no guarantee that every hiking trip will be mind-blowing. Sometimes you get to enjoy each and every moment. While other times you might regret why you even left the comfort of your house in the first place.

This is why you need to master the hiking tips that have been mentioned below. If you want to enjoy your day out, alone or with friends, you need to know a few things. Most of these tips are essential to ensure that your hiking event becomes successful and worth your time and invested resources. That is if you want to have a time of your life.

Top 10 Must-Know Hiking Tips

  1. Hiking in groups is better than hiking alone.
  2. Mark your points of refill on the map.
  3. Carry a GPS device or a compass.
  4. Avoid shortcuts and strictly follow the trail.
  5. Your backpack and packing should be light.
  6. Know your limits. How high can you climb?
  7. Have the correct hiking gear.
  8. Know your health condition before going for a hike.
  9. Always know when to stop for a break.
  10. Find out prior if it’s okay to bring along your dog (pet).

Things You Must Pack When Going Hiking With a Baby

In as much going hiking with your baby might seem like a lot of work, you will be amazed at how fun it could get. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, raising your newborn or toddler should not prevent you from going out for a little fun. Only that this time, your packing catalog won’t be like any other regular hiking packing list.

Hiking with a baby needs thoughtful packing. A lightweight baby carrier is an obvious hiking gear in this case. Also, pack regular diapers other than cloth diapers. On your list, also ensure you have sleeping materials. This is because your baby won’t keep up with a whole day’s hike without taking naps.

Again, if you are breastfeeding a newborn, it is advisable to pack enough food to keep you energized and maintain great nutrition levels. Otherwise, if your kid can be fed or eat by themselves, consider packing enough baby foods and snacks.

Lastly, ensure you dress them appropriately for the weather. Warm clothing should be your preference if you plan to climb high altitudes. If your baby is a big kid, then make sure they have the best hiking shoes for kids. On top of that, you can pack baby monitors or walkie-talkies for easy tracking and coms.

Things You Must Pack When Going Hiking With Pets

Just like kids and babies, hiking with dogs or any other pets require specialized packing. Remember, your pet might have the strength to walk it all through as you can do. Again, depending on where you are going to hike, you have to ensure you adhere to the expectations of your venue. Normally, you will need to pack adequate pet food for your hike. With food and water for your pet, a bowl must come in handy. And a collapsible bowl is mostly recommended for efficient backpacking.

Remember, as you pack all the feeding aids for your pet, remember to pack something convenient for collecting pet poop. Consider a plastic bag and sometimes a small spade works perfectly. Apart from feeding and collecting after them, you will need a collar or harness and a leash to get control of your pets’ movement and lead them comfortably. Also, don’t forget a microchip or your pet’s identification tag.


Agree with me on this, having fun through the above-discussed activities develops a healthy lifestyle. It is literally killing two birds with a single stone. The best part is, these activities are exciting and easily develop into a habit. This means you will find a way to convert your holidays or any other free time into a productive moment. A moment of body and mind developing while also finding a chance to network and make new friends.

Remember, you need healthy routines to maintain and even improve your productivity and performance both at work/business and at home. And signing up for routine or occasional hiking might just be a great answer to that. Nevertheless, with the wide variety of fun things to do hiking, you can never miss the one that will lift your spirit and quench your thirst for adventure.

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