10 Relaxing Yoga Vacation Destinations

10 Relaxing Yoga Vacation Destinations
10 Relaxing Yoga Vacation Destinations

Yoga has quickly become of the most sought-after forms of relaxation in the world. Individuals around the globe seek to learn yoga in order to gain both physical and mental balance and to find a sense of inner peace.

It only makes sense that those with time to spend with themselves would begin to seek vacation destinations willing to cater to these needs. It is easier today than ever before to find a hot resort or spa willing to help travelers find the spiritual balance they seek.

New yoga retreats are announced every single year, not only at 5-star resorts but in some of the world’s most secluded destinations as well. Here are some hot yoga vacation destinations for you to consider this year.


The Tides is a spectacular luxury destination on the Pacific coast offering incredible yoga retreats in a spa-style setting. Yoga retreats offered by the resort are usually either four or six nights long and include not only yoga classes but healthy meals and massages as well. The length of the retreat is dictated by the time of year and the individual instructors available. Past instructors have included Diana Storace, Stefan Storace, and Tom Morley.


As if traveling to a private island for vacation isn’t relaxing enough in itself, at Parrot Cay you’ll find three yoga events on the calendar each year. These retreats are geared towards experienced practitioners and include classes on asana, meditation, chanting, and more. Book early and you may have a chance to study with great instructors like Rodney Yee or Colleen Said.


Part of the Oberoi Hotels chain, the Wildflower Hall in the Himalyas offers incredible opportunities for those who want to completely immerse themselves in yoga practice for the duration of their stay. The yoga program you participate in will be tailored to your individual needs and includes six private yoga sessions, five meditation sessions, and several massages. You’ll appreciate the time alone to bring peace and unison to your mind and body.


At Harama in Sayulita yoga practitioners will have the opportunity to experience yoga on a more intense level. The natural outdoor atmosphere, hosted mainly in open air cabanas, gives visitors the opportunity to relax in an undisturbed environment. The programs, available in both group and individual formats, focus on the different styles of yoga, naturopathy, and detoxification.


Big Sky Yoga Retreats offers a number of distinct options for yoga practitioners who want to practice in an upscale environment. The private Big E-Z Lodge has only 12 rooms, serves 5-course gourmet meals, and offers a number of amenities not found at your average yoga retreat. Enjoy a neuro-muscular massage or, if you’re game, try a “woga” session in which you practice yoga in an inviting hot tub.


The SwaSwara resort is, coincidentally, located on the Om Beach in Kerala. The yoga journey you take while in SwaSwara is a personal experience and each villa has its own private deck for daily yoga practice. Your “swasara,” or personal rhythm, will dictate what types of classes you participate in between visits with the onsite Ayurveda doctors, therapists, and guides.


At Chiva Som Hua Hin in Thailand you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the healing aspects of yoga. During your stay you’ll enjoy daily yoga practice, meditation, Ayurvedic cleanses, and massage. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from several different styles of yoga and can stay for up to two weeks at a time.


Advanced yoga practitioners may have been concerned about how go to about an ashram – a secluded life of peace, tranquility, and sometimes penance. At the Shreyas Retreat in India practitioners can not only participate in daily yoga classes but will also have the opportunity to volunteer on organic farms or in the community. You’ll have the chance to experience ashram life without giving up any of the luxuries and amenities you’re used to.


Visitors to The Body Holiday on St. Lucia in the Caribbean are in for a real treat. Each individual visitor gets to meet with a “BodyGuide” and will have the chance to tailor a regime to his or her individual needs. Your stay, lasting seven days, may also include another form of body detox meant to compliment your yoga practice.


The Maya Tulum resort in Riviera Maya is renowned for its wellness programs but visitors hold a special place in their hearts for the yoga classes offered here on a daily basis. While instructors remain on-site daily, you’ll find that there are special retreats at least once per month with visiting instructors from around the world. In between sessions you’ll enjoy experiencing special Mayan-based spa treatments and even an eco-excursion or two.

Getting in touch with your inner self should be your number one priority. There’s nothing saying you can’t do so in a luxurious atmosphere while surrounded by specialized support systems. A formal yoga retreat is a vacation experience you’ll always cherish!