Chinese Drama Thank You, Doctor 2021 Review


The drama “Thank You Doctor” is jointly produced by Jiaxing Media, Wanda Films, Eslite Media, Stellar Gravity, and the Population and Cultural Development Center of the National Health Commission. Among them, Gao Chen is the chief producer, Zhou Yong is the screenwriter, Zhang Rui is the director, and Yang Mi , Bai Yu leads the starring role. The drama tells the story of the medical workers in the EICU taking the needs of patients first, using superb medical skills to save critically ill patients, and at the same time giving them the utmost respect and understanding, helping patients and their families rebuild their lives.

In the posters and stills released this time, EICU doctors represented by Xiao Yan (played by Yang Mi) and Bai Shu (played by Bai Yu) focused on serious work. The EICU and emergency intensive care unit, whose emergency care unit is the life of emergency patients, is also an important line of defense. Xiao Yan and Bai Shu in the “Thank You, Doctor” poster, Xiao Yan and Bai Shu wearing doctor uniforms pushing the stretcher that transported the patient forward, the two looked tense but firm, demonstrating their determination to save the patient’s life in crisis.

“Thank You, Doctor” revolves around the silent life-saving lives of doctors as well as their love story.
Yang Mi plays Xiao Yan, a beautiful, intelligent, and skilled female general practitioner at Tongshan Hospital. She has a great, natural love for medicine. Xiao Yan believes that doctors are a group of people “running a marathon with death”. Sometimes running to the finish line, sometimes lose, and sometimes fail again. Even so, she always tries her best to save the patient’s life until the last minute. The sudden death of her fiance changed her life forever. The two of them join the program Doctors Without Borders in a country in the midst of war and chaos. Unfortunately, her fiance was injured by shrapnel, but he pretended to be okay so that she could save others’ lives. While she completed the task of treating other injured patients, her husband did not pass away from his injuries. Since then, Xiao Yan has always wanted to be busy to forget the fear and pain of remembering the death of her fiance.

After returning home, she transferred to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital to work and there she met Bai Shu (played by Bai Vu). He is the youngest doctor at the hospital but very talented and intelligent. In addition, the highlight of his personality is his sharpness, stubbornness, coldness, always showing condescension to others. Because Bai Shu didn’t really get along with anyone else, the head of the hospital transferred him from the vascular department to the emergency department. Although he tried every way to return to work at his old faculty, he was rejected.

Xiao Yan started working with Bai Shu. At first, the two did not get along due to completely different medical philosophies and treatments. But gradually, they gradually understand each other as they work together. Xiao Yan develops feelings for Bai Shu – who seems harsh on the outside but is actually a warm person inside. Bai Shu also realizes that he fell in love with Xiao Yan because she made him understand that life and death are not absolute. Sometimes we have to respect the wishes of the patient, which is the greatest respect and reverence for life. The hospital director noticed a change in him and decided to send him back to the Vascular Department. At this point, he decided to stay in the Emergency Department because he discovered he was actually working here.

In the poster published today, the focus of the theme stills shows the daily work content of Xiao Yan and Bai Shu in the EICU ward. The two stood by the patient’s bed, and carefully recorded the content after observing and asking about the patient’s condition, and then formulated the content according to the condition. One-step treatment plan. In different working environments and in the face of different emergencies, the medical staff of EICU showed a serious, rigorous, and professional attitude. I hope everyone can have a deeper understanding of the efforts made by the angels in white clothes in this life-defense battle.

The gathering of the strength of the gold medal team will show how the contemporary medical staff’s efforts and dedication in saving patients’ lives, as well as the warmth and care of life and human nature of the main creators of the crew, are exciting.



Movie: Thank You, Doctor
Also Known As: Xie Xie Ni, Yi Sheng, ICU 48 Hours, ICU48小时, 谢谢你,医生
Hangul: 谢谢你医生
Director: Zhang Rui
Writer: Zhou Yong
Producer: Wang Yi Xu, Gao Chen
Release Date: Aug 19, 2021 – ?
Runtime: 45 min.
Network: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Language: Chinese
Country: China



Yang Mi – Xiao Yan
Bai Yu – Bai Shu
Cristy Guo – Zheng Ya Jie
James Li – Xu Yi Ran
Jiang Rui Jia – Tang Hua
Liu Yan Chen
Xi Mei Juan – Wu Xiu Zhu
Zhang Zhi Jian – Jiang Chong Jing
Li Ying – Ge Hong
Li Jie – Lu Ping An
Yu Xiao Dong – Zhang Jin Shan
Christine Zheng – Li Xuan