Chinese Drama Crime Crackdown 2021


The drama is directed by Wu Bai and co-directed by Wang Siyang, starring Sun Hong Lei, Lay Zhang, and Liu Yi Jun, starring Wu Yue, Wang Zhi Fei, Liu Zhi Bing, Wu Xiao Liang, and Maggie Jiang especially starring.

In the official release of the preview and group portrait posters, in the trailer, the battle between justice and darkness is on the line and is about to be triggered. All kinds of big scenes are overwhelmed, presenting a sense of excitement. In the poster, each character has a solemn expression and has their own thoughts. People can’t guess their true thoughts and relationships.

Sun Hong Lei, Lay Zhang, and Maggie Jiang meet again after “Mr. Right” in “Crime Crackdown”. In this drama, Sun Hong Lei plays the “former criminal policeman” Li Cheng Yang, who is planted and framed and retires from the police force, but never gives up on the investigation of the case.

Lay Zhang plays the young criminal policeman Lin Hao, a bloody and fearless, dedicated to the public.

Maggie Jiang (specially starred) as a journalist Huang Xi, after being involved in a complicated case, did not shrink or yield and used her wisdom to swear to find out the truth. “Scanning the Dark Storm” should be a work full of positive energy. In such works, Jiang Shuying is likely to appear in a sassy and refreshing state.

Liu Yi Jun, who has always been a villain, plays the role of the team leader this time, but whether his identity in the play is good or bad has also aroused everyone’s speculation. In addition, the play also gathers old drama bones such as Wu Yue, Liu Zhi Bing, and Hou Chang Rong.

According to the introduction, the cases in “Crime Crackdown” are all adapted from real cases. The drama uses real and complex cases step by step to explore the truth behind the cases. More importantly, it shows that “Justice will prevail Evil”.

“Crime Crackdown” focuses on showing a group of heroes of the era who bravely shoulder their responsibilities and move forward in the wind and rain. They are not afraid of hardships and dangers, raise their swords, and fight side by side with their comrades in arms. They are committed to combating crimes and protecting the lives and property of the people. Make contributions and continue to write a new chapter in building a higher level of safe China. They are the unsung heroes behind our “Times Quiet”, and they deserve more attention and praise.

The drama promises to be an attractive crime movie from the actors to the plot. The content revolves around criminal investigation, the battles between the light of justice and the dark shadow of crime, clearly depicting every detail in the drama. In addition to tense and dramatic emotions, “Crime Crackdown” also impresses with the appearance of a guest actor, with this participation, the scene will be more attractive, alternating between the drama in work and emotions in the love story.



Movie: Crime Crackdown
Also Known As: Black Storm, Sweeping the Dark Storm, Sao Hei Feng Bao, Sou Hak Fung Bou, 掃黑風暴
Hangul: 扫黑风暴
Director: Wu Bai
Writer: Du Liang
Producer: Li Er Yun
Release Date: Aug 9, 2021 – Sep 23, 2021
Runtime: 45 min.
Network: BTV, CCTV, Dragon TV, Tencent Video
Language: Chinese
Country: China



Sun Hong Lei – Li Cheng Yang
Lay Zhang – Lin Hao
Liu Yi Jun – He Yong
Wu Yue – He Yun
Wang Zhi Fei
Liu Zhi Bing
Wu Xiao Liang – Sun Xing
Kevin Tan – Dong Yao
Hou Chang Rong – Zhao Li Gen
Joker Sun – Hu Xiao Wei
Su Ke
Maggie Jiang – Huang Xi
Che Xiao – Li Li Juan
Li Ning – Ma Shuai