Chinese Drama Dream of Chang’an 2021 Review


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The drama tells the story of the young emperor Li Yan (played by Cheng Yi), who is full of ambition, fought hand in hand with the “first female bodyguard” of the Ziyi Bureau, Cheng Ruo Yu (played by Zhang Yu Xi) in the dangerous imperial city, guarding the justice in his heart, and finally transformed into long life. And harvested the story of true love.

In the drama, Cheng Yi plays the young emperor Li Yan, who seems incompetent but mediocre but meticulous and far-sighted. Cheng Ruo Yu played by Zhang Yu Xi is a queen bodyguard, has strong swordsmanship and brave integrity. With the increasing tempering of fighting with Li Yan, Cheng Ruo Yu has transformed from a “stubborn personality” to a mature and stable one. Under Cheng Ruo Yu’s gentle offensive, Li Yan showed his truest side. The one who has the courage to be the family and the country, the other is firm and loyal to live up to the original aspiration. The two grow up together and redeem each other in a battle of wits and courage. The evenly matched love has become a major attraction of the drama. The high sweetness of the scene has made the audience’s expectations continue to rise.

“Dream of Chang’an” adopts a unique inspirational with romantic dual-line narrative style, breaking the plot ratio and narrative mode of conventional youth dramas. Next to the emotional dramas of the male and female protagonists, the theme of inspirational growth is also the profound brushwork of the drama’s conception.

In the super-length drama that has been released before, the high-energy plot is constantly in suspense. Under the gaze of the eunuch Chou Ziliang Hu, Cheng Ruo Yu loyally protected Li Yan but was repeatedly tested by Li Yan. Li Yan hid his love deep in his heart, but Cheng Ruo Yu misunderstood. What secret does Li Yan have? Who is the mysterious archer in Cheng Ruo Yu’s dream? How will Li Yan, who is shackled by his identity, find his heart? How will Cheng Ruoyu, who is shrouded in the mist of fate, never forget his original intention and solve the puzzle? In the choice between home and country, what choice will they make? A series of questions about the plot drew the audience’s appetite.

In the entire lineup of posters exposed this time, the main characters appeared one by one. On the screen, Li Yan played by Cheng Yi, wears a red dress and holds a bow and arrow in his hand. The domineering image of the emperor is exposed; the sword-bearer Cheng Ruo Yu, played by Zhang Yu Xi, stands behind him with a light sword in a protective form, symbolizing the two. A relationship that works side by side.

In the fixed-file preview released at the same time, under the shadow of the sword, light, and sword, everyone’s lines concealed the mystery of identity. “Let’s try the courage to rejuvenate the country, and bear the humiliation of a serious husband”, “I, Cheng Ruoyu, will never betray my emperor”, “I am in the game, startled at every step”, “I don’t believe anyone”…the seemingly calm appearance is undercurrents surging, in the contest between truth and falsehood, light and darkness, can they find the answer in their hearts? The trailer left a lot of suspense.



Drama: Dream of Chang’an
Also Known As: 北宫紫衣局, Awakening Chang’an, Bei Gong, Meng Xing Chang An, Chang’an awakening, Meng Xing Chang An, 梦醒长安
Hangul: 与君歌
Adapted from the novel Jian Qi Xing (剑器行) by Zi Fei Hua.
Director: Zeng Li Zhen, Zhao Li Jun, Liu Guo Nan
Network: Mango TV
Episodes: 49
Release Date: Aug 8, 2021 – ?
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Language: Chinese
Country: China



Cheng Yi – Li Yan
Zhang Yu Xi – Cheng Ruo Yu
Han Dong – Prince Guang
Lulu Xuan – Qiu Yan Zhi
Mickey He – Qiu Shi Liang
Yang Xi Zi – Liu Er Sha
He Zhong Hua – Li De Yu
Xi Xue – Cheng Xi
Leon Li – Jiang Ding
Han Cheng Yu – Li Ang