The 10 Best Travel Destinations for Food Lovers

Travel Destinations for Food
Travel Destinations for Food

Get ready for your mouth to water! I’m talking about food today. These travel destinations for food lovers are perfect for those who want to broaden their culinary horizons. There’s going to be quite a variety of stuff on this list. Prepare your stomach and your imaginary taste buds, and let’s get into it!

1. New Zealand

I’m starting off with kind of an unexpected one, but after doing the research, New Zealand definitely deserves to make the list!

With almost 9000 miles of coastline, seafood is a staple of kiwi culture. Incredibly fresh, it will be served on most menus in the country. For all you Brits, it’s also very easy to find good old fish n’ chips! Fresh, battered fish with some greasy, delicious chips, washed down with a couple of beers while sitting, enjoying the New Zealand landscape. Not bad!

Another favorite is lamb. New Zealand actually has a reputation for having amazing lamb, throughout the world. Again, you’ll find this on the menu of the best restaurants in the country.

Don’t forget about wine, now! New Zealand also has some world-class wines to help you wash down your meal!

2. Japan

I’ll still give you a quick overview, though…

The amount of variety is ridiculous! Obviously, there’s the famous sushi, but there’s so much more than that. The noodle dishes are incredible! They’re also a fan of their fried food here. Things like fried chicken and okonomiyaki are staples of Japanese cuisine.

Don’t forget about the drink aspect too! Their native drink, sake (rice wine) is delicious and can be served either hot or cold!

3. Thailand

With Bangkok likely being the street food capital of the world, Thailand should be on every food fan’s travel bucket list!

Curries, noodles, rice dishes, street meat, and salads. So much to talk about, that I’m just going to show you this video instead.

4. India

Widely regarded as one of the most varied and delicious cuisines in the world. However, beware of the morning after!

If you are like I was, and have only tried the generic curries, nans, and poppadoms, you haven’t properly experienced Indian cuisine yet. Obviously, the curry dishes are incredible but there are even more weird and wonderful things to try, with a couple of notable ones being Tandoori Chicken and banana chips.

Check out more awesome Indian dishes here.

5. Italy

Moving away from Asia and into Europe, with one of the most famous countries – in terms of food – on Earth!

I mean, they brought us pizza, pasta and ice cream! What would our lives be like without these foods??

Although Italian food has become popular across the world, I think there is still no debate that it is at its best when it’s enjoyed in its native homeland!

6. France

Another world-famous food destination. Often considered the food and wine capital of the world, France offers all the variety and quality that you could wish for when it comes to food.

Their famous pastries including croissants and pain au chocolate are perfect to start your day. Their amazing baguettes, along with their infinite selection of cheeses are perfect for picnics. They also offer a little bit of the strange, when it comes to snails and frogs. A perfect mix of food staples mixed with some culinary adventure!

You also can’t forget about their world-renowned wine.

*Fun Fact: Champagne is only Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in France. Otherwise, it’s just sparkling white wine!

7. Spain 

A more rustic cuisine when compared to France, but just as yummy!

Tapas is one of Spain’s specialties. Tapas is just a range of small appetizers. This will be served in most Spanish bars, and it is so good! Another one of their most famous dishes is paella. This is a rice dish, often with a mix of meat and fish mixed through. It can include pretty much any seafood you can imagine. Common meat choices include chicken and chorizo sausage.

8. Mexico

Personally, Mexican food is my favorite cuisine in the world.

Among the best-drunk food in the world, it’s just what you need after having some famous Mexican tequila!

Whether you’re enjoying crispy tacos, stuffed burritos, or spicy fajitas, it’s going to be an experience that you remember for a long time!

9. Jamaica

If your thing is fresh, Caribbean-style food, Jamaica is the place for you.

You can experience the best jerk chicken on Earth or some mouth-watering fried fish washed down with the freshest ginger beer of your life!

Plus you’re getting to hang out in Jamaica, so bonus!

10. USA

Not as much of a culinary journey as all the other countries on this list, but I felt it had to be included.

Sometimes, nothing tastes better than a juicy, flavor-filled burger with a massive side of fries! Truly comfort food at its finest!

Are you as hungry as I am right now? Hope this has inspired you guys to go out and try some new, delicious food or maybe even go to some of these places to get a taste of the real thing!

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