The 10 Best Keyboard For Osu

Best Keyboard For Osu
Best Keyboard For Osu

The need for a keyboard that is optimized to play the popular rhythm game Osu! has been on the rise. In this article, we will be discussing how to find one that best suits your needs and what features you should look for in an Osu Keyboard.

It’s time to take your gaming skills from amateur to pro with this guide on finding the best keyboard for Osu! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are already at a professional level – there is always room for improvement. Finding the right equipment can help you improve your game by making it easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Read on below to learn about some of the features you’ll want in an Osu Keyboard as well as the different brands available.

10 Best Keyboard For Osu

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1. Motospeed 60% Mechanical Keyboard Portable 61 Keys

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You never want to compromise on quality, but sometimes you have a tight budget. Except this is not the case. The GSM modem with the pocket-sized design of Motospeed CK61 keyboard has got you covered with all the features that are desirable for daily use. Whether it’s gaming, typing, or just chatting your way through the day. Motospeed Mechanical Keyboards with Game Chip enhance your OSU experience with every keystroke and gives you a pleasant sensation and feel at a very affordable price point.

The new dashing, eye-pleasing color is perfect for OSU gaming! With data transmission by USB 2.0, you can experience fantastic effects on your screen if it meets the OSU game demands. A 60% design allows you to place this product anywhere without compromising the stability or comfortability of your wrists and hands while typing on it.

This lightened keyboard also has incredible RGB per-key lighting that would suffice anyone who pushes their limits in OSU games based solely on competition times! Featuring a great feel with its height-adjustable legs, which are at the correct angle to create ergonomic conditions for people with low wrist posture problems, its features are abundant with longevity and lasting durability of

2. Cooler Master Keys Pro L RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For OSU

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With the Cooler Master Keys Pro L, you’ll get professional-grade mechanical keys with brilliant Roland RGB lighting. It features authentic Cherry MX Blue switches and unique keycaps for each key that are designed to never fade due to wear, and perform better than other keyboards at preventing misses, typos, or slamming the wrong button. This portable keyboard is blue-lit with 16.7 million customizable color options and tilts up to 180° angle for optimal viewing angles whether typing or playing games on your computer. The design also ensures flawless gaming because it caters well to no matter what game style you play–keyboard enthusiasts will love this one!

With a standard ANSI key design, the new technology Cooler Master Keys Pro L gives you the feel of physically pressing down an actual key. With N-key rollover built-in, all 6 keys provide a wonderful gaming experience that will never be interrupted by the keyboard. And with our patent silenced switches, you won’t disturb your family or friends while you game late at night anymore! Plus, it’s easy to maintain too because of its removable detachable cable. The power-saving LED indicator even tells when a low battery is requiring charging!

3. RK Royal Kludge Rk61 Wired 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The Royal Kludge 61 is a perfect fit for OSU gamers who know they want quality without spending too much. It features a compact layout, so it won’t take up as much room on your desk.

The keyboard has blue switches which promise to be responsive and smooth when you type or use the keys in any other way. The connection can be made using USB ports, wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity, or wired via a micro-USB cord that connects to the rear of the product.

The battery can provide 10 hours of continuous work and is fully charged in 3 hours. This keyboard will have you playing OSU or any other game just like a pro, with its iconic tactile feedback and refreshed every time you play! It also features a full-sized number pad – perfect for numbers lovers – plus an accurate layout that compliments all types of devices’ connectivity simultaneously


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The Corsair K70 is the product for you if you want both everyday tasks and gaming. The K70 features a black metallic deck that is easy to clean, media and rolling volume controls, and a full-length wrist rest. This durable keyboard also comes with FPS/MOBA keycaps designed to complement popular games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. All around it is lightweight and sleek looking––perfect for your desktop or laptop! It does not come with standard keys, instead featuring customizable “GX” silent mechanical key switches rated for 50 million clicks per keystroke.

The Corsair K70, with its anti-ghosting and full N-key rollover technology, aptly enables users to pick up gaming beats even faster. For those who aren’t too keen on a keyboard’s solely physical features, the limited edition of this product also has a backlit blue accent across all keys – perfect for any after-dark operator. Unfortunately, each keycap needs to be customized individually through an inconvenient utility engine software (CUE); it would have been better if the lights were customizable without going into that application. Nonetheless, you can still configure lighting effects and patterns easily using the CUE. In terms of pricing, this product is high quality at a higher price point; unfortunately, it might not suit everyone’s budget requirement – which seems

The Corsair K70 is an aluminum-built keyboard with precision Cherry MX Brown switches that deliver long-lasting performance without any kind of hassle. Featuring LED lighting that offers a chromatic range of 168 colors, this device adds a personal touch to every single keystroke! If at all you want something customized then the offered case will suit your needs as it comes in different designs and configurations to match what suits your personality best.

5. Anne Pro 2

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The Anne Pro 2 has a mechanical keystrokes and best of all it’s wireless and compact. This keyboard can be used on Windows, Linux, and Android thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. It also has the ability to make macros with only one click-combine that with up to 27 unchangeable lighting settings and you’re sure to create something incredible.

The Anne Pro 2 is perfect for everyone – gamers with their cable-covered desks, those looking for something lightweight, and even those who prefer tidy and minimalistic desks. The keyboard comes with an ObinsLab Starter Companion software and an onboard Dual ARM Cortex M chip. This means that any macros programmed to the keyboard’s chip are preserved so you don’t have to use computer software every time you want a function activated.

6. Epomaker Skyloong Sk61

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The Epomaker SK61 is an awesome gaming keyboard for OSU. It offers the basic features at a fraction of the price without reducing on quality. Whether you’re new to gaming or need an upgrade, this is an easy and affordable choice.

With Gateron optical switches and high durability plastic PBT keycaps, you can be assured that your workstation will stay with you for years to come – whether it’s plugged in your home office or was just simply accidentally dropped onto hardwood flooring from 3 feet up after a late-night session of Overwatch™ on Steam®©*. The LED lighting option also comes complete with several different backlight modes which are perfect if you prefer playing during daytime hours or evening by dimming

The switch is located inside the build. They are plastic and metal which make it difficult to type quickly. It has a kickstand that can be shaky at times. The keyboard comes pre-programmed with RGB effects and programs, but if you need to modify them or add new ones, you can download their free software. The Epomaker SK61 is an affordable mechanical gaming keyboard for gamers who are new to gaming or don’t have any experience in it.

7. Logitech G513 Carbon LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Logitech G513 Carbon is an advanced gaming keyboard that offers the ultimate gaming experience with its great texture, quality, and soft keys. The Logitech G513 Carbon is available in two colors depending on your preference: dark or silver. It’s got a cool, modern design with light coloring at the back making it easy to use for hours!

G513 is one of the most sought-after keyboards that Logitech has ever created. It’s a competitive, high-performance gaming keyboard with a sleek look and informative carbon fiber finish – imagine a steel sword mixed in with a panorama of tangled fingerprints on an amethyst stone. Don’t let this be your next mistake; when you need durability, utility, and versatility in all conditions (even when it’s raining) G513 offers the ultimate experience for any hardcore gamer who really wants to rule the world!

8. HyperX Alloy Origins Core

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The HyperX Alloy Origins Core is a powerful and lightweight keyboard that can be customized according to your needs. This keyboard comes with the provisions of any gamer, such as anti-ghosting, and is made of durable circuitry with multiple keystrokes per second response time. It also has backlighting modes with 16.8 million color choices which enables you to focus on your game without having to strain your eyes so much during playtime! The origins core has standard game mode settings which prevent anti-gaming features from blocking out important gameplay moves and ensures that every hit and the spin move does not get lost by faulty wire transmission or screen lag!

You have three switch types available so you can choose which switches are right for your budget, title, or both. Customizable RGB backlighting enhances the aesthetics of your peripherals while making them easier to use on the fly without taking away from your game time! A 1.8m braided USB Type C cable ensures that no matter where you play, this keyboard is strong enough to withstand every competitive round and ease of mind when playing solo or in a party setting.

9. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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SteelSeries has been a leader in gaming peripherals for more than a decade. Their newest Steel series Apex Pro offers the highest quality of build and performance. It’s made from sturdy, durable aluminum with an attractive 5mm silver anodized finish on top to ensure that it will last as long as you need it to be around.

With its sleek design and easy-carry handle, the Apex Pro is exceptionally portable at just 1kgs(2lbs) making it perfect for gamers on the go or anyone who needs a good wireless keyboard upgrade. This amazing device features SteelSeries’ renowned OLED display which provides all of your important data such as actuation distance so you can optimize your gameplay without trepidation about missing out on any crucial information.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a keyboard suitable for rhythm games like Osu; it comes with a magnetic wrist-rest and features as well as tactile switches that will let you forget about the pros. Unlike most gaming keyboards, your Apex Pro can link up to other adapters from SteelSeries such as the mouse, which offers RGB backlighting. As one of the more versatile rhythm game peripherals on the market today, it’s worth looking at if you want a product that goes beyond its price tag. It also stores multiple onboard profiles so chances are this will be exactly what you need!

10. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Redragon K552 is an affordable Tenkeyless keyboard that increases mobility with its ergonomic metal alloy. It has curved hand-grip keycaps reminiscent of QWERTY keyboards to make your hands feel more comfortable.

Along with the vast amount of features it provides, Redragon also offers two versions of this keyboard for different color schemes. One version lets you customize your keys in up to 16 million colors while the other has a variety of built-in effects like lightning and fire breathing!

As an OSU gamer, it can be difficult to find a good keyboard with features you actually want at the price point you need. The Redragon K552 puts this concern to rest without sacrificing any important features. Unlike Nkeyboard’s shortage of tactile feedback on their kbd switches, the Outemu Blue switch on the K552 is swift and responsive, delivering quality gaming input that improves your playstyle.

It also has 18 RGB lighting zones that allow for 5 pre-configured effects (cycle setting), which provides versatility in customization depending on your mood or style of game playing. Best of all, its affordable price lets gamers buy one for themselves without having to worry about the cost– half as much as G Pro X’s same

This PC accessory can accommodate all types of gamers whether they are casual or competitive, so get yours today!


With the right keyboard, you can improve your gaming experience and increase your success on Osu. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best keyboards for playing Osu in 2022 to help you find a perfect match. Whether you want an ergonomic design or a compact layout that doesn’t take up too much desk space, there is something out there for everyone. We hope our list helps!

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