Best Wireless Keyboard For Android TV Box

If you have an android TV box, then you probably know that it can be a pain to navigate with just a remote. Most people will buy a wireless keyboard for their android tv box so they can easily type in search terms and move from link to link on the internet. The benefits of having a wireless keyboard are not limited to just browsing online stores and websites, but it has many other applications as well: such as typing documents (like this one), controlling media players like emulators, or watching movies downloaded from torrents, and even using IRC or skype chat during your downtime.

If you’re looking for the best wireless keyboard for your Android TV Box, then this article will provide some insight into what products are out there and which ones might work best for you!

The 8 Best Wireless Keyboard For Smart TV & Android TV Box

EASYTONE Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Mouse

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: This wireless keyboard is made for great access to all of your apps and games. It’s small enough to carry around but big enough for light typing. The LED under the keys makes it easy to see anything you need in low light. Its sleek design will never lack style!

The EASYTONE Mini Wireless Keyboard is an excellent option for people seeking a Smart TV keyboard with a distinctive design, exciting illumination, and simple functionality.

This compact yet capable Android keyboard is reasonably priced. The keyboard is only available in black, which helps it blend in with other electronic devices.

The design of this keyboard is unmistakable. This keyboard is evocative of a game controller and may be used in conjunction with the accompanying touchpad as a keyboard/mouse combination.

The keyboard may also be used to control a projector or to create presentations. It’s tiny enough for youngsters to use and is an excellent substitute for an Android TV remote, which may be cumbersome to write on while looking for movies or other programming.

Additionally, this keyboard may be illuminated for additional pleasure. A variety of illumination choices are available, including white, green, red, and red. This keyboard is ideal for people who want to remain in the dark while watching movies, playing games, or working.

The multimedia keyboard is equipped with a variety of shortcut keys that make it even more convenient to use. Due to the keyboard’s wireless connection through the supplied 2.4GHz dongle, you may walk about freely (or lay on the sofa). There are no cables to contend with.


  • Resembling a video game controller
  • Appropriate typing
  • Size and usefulness are both convenient.


  • There have been reports of a sudden loss in conjunction with

REIIE H9+ Backlit Wireless Mini Handheld Remote Keyboard

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: Modeled after a gaming keyboard, this small keyboard is comfortable and easy to carry. The matte black finish with illuminated keys distinguishes it from other keyboards. This innovative device has a touchpad as well as unmatched functionality that an average keyboard rarely provides.

The REIIE H9+ Android keyboard is a one-of-a-kind device. It has a small form, a touchpad, and unmatched functionality. It’s a one-of-a-kind Android keyboard that has a high rating on Amazon.

It’s an excellent option if you’re on a budget or just need a keyboard for a particular job. The keyboard comes in a matte black finish with illuminated keys.

Its distinctive design resembles that of a gaming keyboard rather than a conventional keyboard. Its small form enables it to nestle comfortably in the palm of your hand.

This keyboard has a 2.4GHz wireless connection and can be used with any Android smartphone through the supplied adapter. It’s interesting to observe how one keyboard stands out from the throng, given the prevalence of Bluetooth-enabled keyboards.

It has an integrated touchpad, making it a great option for those looking for a keyboard and mouse experience in a compact size. It is responsive to left, right, and scrolling. It is extremely sensitive, as reviewers have observed.

This is an excellent substitute for scrolling since it is far more pleasant than scrolling endlessly over numbers on your phone.

It’s fascinating to compare this keyboard’s functionality to that of other Android keyboards. This keyboard is not like other keyboards that attempt to mimic the capabilities of a conventional keyboard to type huge quantities quickly.

Numerous people suggest it as a replacement control for an Android TV. This keyboard is ideal for people who dislike scrolling through letters in streaming applications while looking for new programs or movies.


  • Exceptional for presentations
  • It may be used as a remote control for a smart TV.
  • Extremely responsive


  • Checking the battery % is tough.

Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (QWERTY Keypad)

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is not just for typing! It also features a touchpad so you can scroll, click, and drag with ease. The super-slim keyboard works with laptops, tablets, smart TVs—and your smartphones! So whether it’s work or playtime at home or on the go, you’re always just one tap away from an awesome wireless experience.

This keyboard is compact yet robust. It has a QWERTY keyboard and an integrated touchpad. The keyboard is compact and lightweight, with a width of about 6 inches.

It is compact and located on the touchpad’s edge, making it difficult to operate. When scrolling, clicking, or dragging is tried, this touchpad may be difficult to operate. Because of the location of the touchpad, it’s tough to reach the keys on your right side.

The keyboard is connected through Bluetooth 3.0. It has a 33-foot range. This keyboard is compatible with smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Additionally, this keyboard has a backlit mode, which is ideal if you like to use your keyboard in less light settings.

This keyboard has the longest battery life of any keyboard we’ve tested. These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have a standby time of ten days or fifty days. The price is very reasonable, the guarantee is unlimited, and it connects effortlessly to your smart TV.


  • Portability and low weight
  • Utilize it in a variety of ways.
  • Built-in touchpad
  • Bluetooth 3.0 has a maximum range of 33 feet.
  • Luminous feature
  • The battery life is excellent.
  • A limited lifetime guarantee is included.
  • Exceptional value


  • Scrolling may be challenging due to the touchpad’s diminutive size.
  • Due to the location and touchpad, it’s tough to reach the right side.

ANEWKODI USB Backlit Wireless Keyboard

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: The ANEWKODI USB Backlit Wireless Keyboard is sleek and ergonomic with a touchpad that supports intuitive gesture control. The rechargeable battery on this keyboard lasts for about week, allowing it to be used throughout the day without recharging. This popular new keyboards’ sleep mode makes sure you are conserving energy by requiring only one minute of inactivity before shutting off.

The 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard from ANEWKODI has almost all of the capabilities you’d expect from one of these devices. It has a long wifi range, is compatible with smart TVs and other devices, and includes a touchpad with easy gesture control. The rechargeable battery powers the device for about a week.

The lighting may be customized in seven distinct colors. This keyboard is an excellent bargain since it has all of these capabilities at a much cheaper price than the industry standard.

While the keyboard’s sleep mode helps save battery life, we found that it went to sleep far too fast for our liking, taking a little over a minute. Although the product has a plethora of fast access buttons that enable you to rapidly navigate between TV applications, many of these keys do not function with the Amazon Fire Stick, despite the fact that the keyboard officially supports it.


  • The backlight has a variety of brightness settings.
  • Battery life is about one week.
  • Numerous quick-access keys


  • Certain features are not compatible with the Fire TV Stick.

IKOS Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: The IKOS Bluetooth folding keyboard is ultra-compact, lightweight, and more mobile than any of its alternatives. At only 0.49 pounds, it’s the ideal device for a business partner or a vacation companion. It’s compatible with smartphones running on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac operating systems and can be used continuously for up to 80 hours without charging it – that way you’re always ready to type whenever you need to say what matters most.

For years, IKOS has been the market leader in keyboards and electronics. The IKOS Bluetooth folding keyboard has been upgraded to include new functions and a smaller profile.

Its mobility and efficiency combine to make it the finest of all. This lightweight is more compact and clever than the alternatives.

Its primary characteristics are its battery and low weight. It weighs 0.49 pounds. It can be used continuously for up to 80 hours. It folds effortlessly, making it ideal for use as a business partner or vacation companion. It offers a broad range of compatibility.

It is compatible with smartphones running the Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac operating systems. The keyboard is compatible with the devices listed above. The IKOS Bluetooth folding keyboard is ultra-compact and lightweight. When folded, it shrinks to the size of an iPhone 6 plus.

Quite remarkable! A single charge cycle provides 60 days of standby life. It takes about two hours to charge from zero to full. It will not disappoint, despite the fact that it takes two hours to completely charge.

The charging indicator lights will alert you when the battery is going low so you don’t forget. The satisfying tactile keys relieve pressure on your fingertips and let you to type for extended periods of time.

The smart case safeguards your smartphone from harm and is designed to be used in combination with the folding keyboard. If you’re a regular traveler or businessman, you may fold the case and take it with you.

IKOS Bluetooth folding keyboard is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee and offers quick customer support in the event of a malfunction.


  • 2 months on standby
  • Charge rapidly
  • It is compact, weighing just 0.49 lbs.


  • Quiet expensive.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Portable Wireless Keyboard

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: The Logitech K480 is an innovative device that will take the guesswork out of typing. It offers you anywhere access to your word processing, emails, and web browsing wherever you are in the room. Save money on battery life with this low-energy keyboard; there’s no need for extra batteries or chargers!

The Logitech K480 is an outstanding multitasking device. You have a plethora of choices and fantastic features. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard that works with any Bluetooth device. Logitech’s k480 keyboard is a one-stop shop for all your typing requirements.

It is compatible with any Smartphone, Laptop, or Personal Computer through wireless connectivity. It offers a broader range of compatibility. It is compatible with Samsung, LG, and HTC smartphones and tablets, as well as all other Bluetooth-enabled Android devices, as well as all iOS devices, Mac operating systems, and Windows.

Additionally, the Bluetooth keyboard has a cradle that enables fast typing on Android tablets and iPads. It may be adjusted by the user for convenience of usage in order to change the viewing angle.

The keyboard layout is very user-friendly. The greatest feature of Logitech’s k480 Bluetooth keyboard is its multi-device connection. It supports simultaneous connections to up to three Bluetooth devices.

Assume you’re developing a website. If you get an urgent email, you may respond by simply hitting the switch button on your smartphone or iPad. After that, you may enter your message and return to the location where you left it.

It weighs in at little over two pounds. Currently. This modal is available in just one color: black. This gadget is cross-platform and multi-platform compatible. Within 30 days of your purchase, Amazon enables you to request a complete refund for any faults or problems in the item. Logitech warrants all of its products, including the Bluetooth keyboard, for one year from the date of purchase.


  • Three devices may be linked concurrently.
  • The device is compatible with both AAA and integrated batteries.
  • Sleek and ergonomic design


  • Weighs more than 2 lbs.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: The Microsoft Wireless 900 is a compact keyboard with a mouse, perfect for those who have small living spaces or don’t want wires everywhere. Includes an RF receiver so you can connect the keyboard to your Smart TV without any extra hardware. Fun fact: It takes up as much room as a coffee mug on a desk!

The Microsoft Wireless 900 is a wired keyboard that works with your Smart TV. The full-featured keyboard incorporates a mouse and keyboard, providing all of the capabilities of a conventional desktop mouse and keyboard.

Despite its little size, the keyboard is very compact. As a consequence, all keys are closely spaced to fit inside the frame. The 900’s compact profile makes it simple to stow when not in use.

The keyboard is accompanied with a mouse that is both comfortable and not too tiny. The hardware includes an RF receiver. It connects straight to the USB port on your television. The receiver may be used in conjunction with the mouse and keyboard, obviating the need to connect them individually.

Microsoft says that the 900’s throwaway batteries would last almost 24 months before requiring replacement. This accomplishment is remarkable regardless of the technology utilized.

Although the keyboard is compatible with the majority of Smart TVs, it is advised to verify compatibility.

Additionally, the 900 has a longer range than RF keyboards, with connections extending up to 30 feet. This is similar to the range offered by the majority of Bluetooth keyboards.

This keyboard and mouse combo is a great choice for anybody searching for a comparable configuration to operate their Smart TV.


  • Supports may be extended to a maximum length of 30 feet.
  • Nearly 24 months of battery life
  • Keyboard/mouse combo
  • A single receiver may control both the keyboard and mouse.


  • There is no backlight.
  • The keys seem to constrict.

Logitech K600 TV – TV Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad and D-Pad Compatible with Smart TV

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 WHY WE LIKE IT: The Logitech K600 TV keyboard is made for your smart TV. It turns the regular television into a mini-computer, connecting to it with input on one end of the keyboard and output on another.

As the name suggests, the Logitech K600 TV is intended to improve your smart TV experience.

The Logitech K600 TV keyboard transforms smart TVs into mini-computers connected to a large-screen display. This enables you to make your television the focal point of your digital/online life if you so choose.

While the majority of television watchers will be quite content with conventional remote control, it is feasible to include a bigger keyboard and trackpad into your living room.

This combination is ideal for web browsing and password entry. Additionally, it facilitates online browsing on a big screen.

The keyboard will flash a little light to indicate that the proper shortcut keys have been mapped. The K600 may be used with the following devices: LG WebOS televisions and Samsung Tizen televisions; Android televisions and Amazon Fire TV; MacOS, ChromeOS, iOS, and Windows.

Wireless connectivity to any device is enabled through the USB dongle supplied with the keyboard. Logitech strongly advises users against connecting through Bluetooth.

The directions for connecting through Bluetooth are not included in the package, so I looked them up online and discovered that you must press and hold one of the three number keys at the top of the keyboard to link.

The keyboard layout of the K600 is not standard QWERTY. On the left side, there are navigation buttons for basic television operations such as home, back, and menu.

Additionally, there are buttons for left- and right-clicking. The directional pad has a central choose button and a circular trackpad for tapping and clicking.

One issue is that the K600 does not support horizontal scrolling across online pages. Although the arrow keys and directional pad may be used, they are slower than a scroll wheel.

Additionally, it does not function properly while altering text fields. This disables Logitech’s thumb-based navigation. You can scroll up and down with just two fingers, but not if you’re using the trackpad.

The issue is that not all smart TV applications and platforms support trackpads and external keyboards. The Android TV app for Netflix does not react to trackpad input. Additionally, many Android TV applications did not accept Enter as a valid method of inputting login credentials. Rather than that, they would re-enter the letter, since the pointer on the screen had shifted to the letter after the keystroke.

Logitech made several design choices that reduced the K600’s suitability as a conventional computer keyboard. The K600’s conventional arrow keys, which are tiny and round, are not something you’d want to use with your index and middle fingers. Due to the lack of legs on the keyboard, you can only utilize the built-in inclination angle.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Wireless connection is simple to set up.
  • The remote control will be replaced.
  • Three device types are supported: television, Windows, and Mac.
  • Connection through Bluetooth or unifying receiver
  • Installation is simple and does not need any software.


  • Not backlit
  • At the moment, only late-model Samsung and LG televisions are supported.
  • It is difficult to scroll rapidly with your thumb.
  • A/V equipment does not support infrared control.

What To Look For When Buying Android TV Box Keyboard

If you’re wondering what features you should look for when buying a wireless keyboard for your android tv box, then you should definitely check out the following list.

  1. Battery: Since wireless keyboards use batteries to function, you will want one that requires minimal power. Look for models which offer at least two years of battery life in order to avoid the hassle of frequently changing them; especially when your TV box is still active and not lying in hibernation mode. This may be done by choosing one with bright yet dimmable LEDs or even an LED notification light that alerts you when it is running low on power. Also, make sure that it has a sleep mode that switches off the keyboard automatically after prolonged periods of inactivity; thus saving battery life when the computer is left unattended for too long. This feature is most useful if your smart TV box runs on a windows operating system since this OS often gets bogged down over time and goes into sleep mode on its own.
  2. Size And Design: A good wireless TV box keyboard will be not too heavy or too light. Also, it should have a sleek design that makes it comfortable to hold for a prolonged period of time. Make sure that you get one with rubber buttons so your fingertips don’t feel tired even after typing for hours on end.
  3. Features And Functions: A good wireless keyboard will have many useful features that make your android TV box experience even more pleasant. For example, it should have a backlit screen so you can use it at night with ease; or one that has hotkeys for media control and web browsing. It would even be better if it comes with a touchpad to substitute the built-in mouse keys of your smart TV box. Since you will be working on this wireless keyboard for many hours, make sure that the keys are soft to the touch and that they provide sufficient feedback without making too much noise when pressed. In addition, get one that remembers each keystroke so you don’t have to type everything again after waking up the device from sleep mode.
  4. Connectivity: A good wireless keyboard will connect to your android tv box effortlessly, no matter where you are. For example, if your TV’s HDMI ports are on the side of the panel then the range of your wireless keyboard should be broad enough for you to comfortably move around with it; not just on one spot right in front of the set. It would be even better if it has a USB receiver which allows more mobile freedom by letting you connect anywhere your android tv box’s USB port is present (which sometimes may be inconveniently placed behind or even inside). You also want to make sure that there is at least 2-3 meters between your TV and the keyboard because objects in between can severely affect its signal strength.


We’ve covered a few different wireless keyboards that you can use with your Android TV Box and Smart TV. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to take some time and think about what kind of keyboard would work best for the type of device you have. For example, if you want an RF receiver because your television doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity, then we recommend checking out our pick for the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900. What will be most important when it comes to choosing which one is right for you? Let us know!

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