Skyscanner Review 2022

Find the cheapest flight on the Internet quickly and easily. In 2001, this was the background for the creation of the flight search engine Skyscanner.

There are numerous different flight offers, but finding them in the depths of the Internet is not so easy. To avoid the long search and the stress behind it, Skyscanner was created. In the meantime, there are many others besides the Edinburgh location: Singapore, Barcelona, Budapest and Miami.

At Skyscanner you can compare the best flight offers. For some time now, Skyscanner has also been offering the search for the best hotel deal as well as the car rental price comparison. So you can search, find and customize everything for your dream vacation on Skyscanner. You are not only relieved of the annoying and sometimes nerve-racking search, you can also always assume that you will quickly get the best offers for flight, hotel and rental car that are available on the Internet.

What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a travel search engine founded in 2001 that compares flights, hotels and car rentals from different providers. The company is based in Scotland and has 30 million visitors to its website every month.

How does Skyscanner work?

Want to quickly find the best flight, hotel and car rental deals on the Internet? That’s really easy on Skyscanner. In the search mask, you first select the desired category: Flights, hotels or rental cars. Then you can enter all the important information such as departure airport, destination, number of travelers and flight options in the search mask.

Skyscanner then examines all the worldwide offers of its partners and throughout the network. It is important to know that the search engine does not sell the products itself, but forwards the interested parties to the websites of the respective providers.

Thus, a mediation of offers takes place. You search and find via Skyscanner, but book with the respective airline, online travel agency, hotel or rental car provider. The search engine then receives a commission from the providers when a referred user books an offer. This also answers the question of how Skyscanner earns money.

What flights can I find on Skyscanner?

A flight to another city, to a neighboring country or to another continent – you can find all that with the search engine Skyscanner. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous city trip, a summer vacation in a popular vacation destination or an exciting long-distance trip to the other side of the world. The same applies to the hotel and rental car offers. Whether Europe, Africa, Asia, America or Australia – there are no limits to the flight options.

What tools does Skyscanner offer?

Many travel and flight portals on the Internet offer to search and find the best deals on the net. However, important aspects are often disregarded. For example, how the price of a flight will develop in the future, when the cheapest price can be expected and whether alternative airports can still be considered.

Skyscanner has included all of this in the flight search. Thus, the flight offer that prevails in the network becomes more transparent for the user. In addition to the simple return flights, you can also search for open jaw flights and multi-stop flights. Moreover, you will be offered the possibility to search not only a specific departure airport, but also an entire region.

Thus, it may be that not the nearest, but a slightly more distant airport is cheaper. If you are flexible with the flight time, you can look at the flights for the entire month and compare the prices this way. Skyscanner also has the chart tool. In a bar chart you can see on which day there is the respective flight at the best price. You can also switch this view to the calendar and then see the respective daily price of the desired flight for the entire month in this form.

If you are not so familiar with the different destination regions, you can view a map with the possible destination airports. If you select a destination airport, the cheapest flights from this airport will be displayed. If you are regularly looking for flights, travel spontaneously or just want to be up to date, you can even receive an email notification about changes in airfares. If you have had bad experiences with certain airlines, you can exclude them from the search and also select favorite platforms with offers. All these features and tools will help you find the best deal for you on Skyscanner.

Skyscanner App – Book flights via smartphone

Skyscanner App on App Store
Skyscanner App on App Store

Download for: Android | iOS

In the mobile age, just about everything is now bought not only with the help of the desktop PC, but also via the smartphone. With the Skyscanner app, even cheap flights can be searched, found and booked via smartphone. Simple, fast, always and everywhere. The search mask of the Skyscanner app can be operated very easily and you can filter by departure city, arrival city and date.

You can also specify the suitable return flight and the number of passengers. Once you have found something suitable, you can book the offer directly via the link. Unlike the website, the app only focuses on flights. The best hotel and car rental offers can only be searched for on the website. If you don’t want to book a flight right away, you can also use the Skyscanner app to browse for your next vacation.


Finding the best flight quickly and easily – that’s what Skyscanner is all about. And it works. The many additional features make searching and finding the cheapest flight optimal. The possibility to also find the best hotel and rental car offer makes the individual vacation planning complete. With Skyscanner, not only time but also money is saved and the joy of the planned trip is thus even greater.

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