Kayak.com Review

Kayak Review
Kayak Review

Offers from the travel industry flood the Internet. Everyone offers the cheapest hotel, the cheapest flight, and the cheapest rental car. But you rarely find the really good offers yourself. So that you get clear price transparency, there is Kayak. The travel search engine compares the offers of numerous websites for you. How the search engine works, which offers you can find, and which tools you can use, I will show you in this article.

What is Kayak and how does it work?

Kayak is a tourist search engine founded in 2004 for online travel search. The company compares flights, hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals, and package tours from different travel providers and websites.

If you lose track of all the travel deals on the Internet, Kayak is a good place to start. The travel search engine was created to make it easier for people to search for trips and individual travel services. The company does not offer its own products such as flights and hotel accommodation but compares various offers from different providers on the Internet.

On the surface, the way the online search works is easy to understand. Kayak is a meta-search engine. That is, it passes the query it receives from you to other search engines. It then presents the results it receives to its users, i.e. you, in a filtered and clear manner. The travel search engine is used to compare prices and find offers. It takes on the role of a travel agent and leads you to the appropriate providers who have the right offers for you.

Let me give you an example to illustrate this: You are looking for a cheap flight from Düsseldorf to New York and back. To do this, you make an online request to the search engine by filling out the search mask. The search engine then passes this data on to other search engines. Numerous websites with flight, hotel, and rental car offers are then searched.

Corresponding results are displayed on the portal’s website and you can see transparently which offer is the most suitable for you. If an offer meets your requirements, you can book it. To do so, you will be redirected to the page of the respective provider. You do not book the travel service with Kayak. However, there are also travel services that you can book directly with Kayak.

Did you know that the flight search engine swoodoo has been part of the travel comparison company Kayak since 2010?

You can find these offers at Kayak

A complete trip usually combines several components. You need a flight and accommodation, and maybe you want to explore your vacation destination with a rental car. You can search and compare all these travel services at Kayak.

Kayak flights – around the world with suitable offers

Kayak flights
Kayak flights

To get to the beautiful places in the world, you need to get on a plane. Kayak’s flight search engine is ideal for finding the possible flights to a destination. It searches the flight offers of various portals. Among them are kissandfly, fluege, airlines like airberlin, Condor and Lufthansa.

You can use various filters in the flight search. You can exclude certain airlines from the search. You can also display only direct flights. Select the class in which you want to fly and enter your budget. Furthermore, you can search for open-jaw flights and multi-stop flights. This will give you a huge choice of flights and you can explore the world.

Kayak Hotels – numerous offers for a perfect accommodation

Kayak Hotels
Kayak Hotels

Comparing hotels with the search engine is just as easy as comparing flights. You can find a hotel that matches your selected flight. You can refine the search results with various filters. Adjust the hotel category, display only offers with excellent guest reviews, and select various inclusive services. If you want to stay in a preferred neighborhood of the respective city or have the offers for a specific hotel displayed, select the filters accordingly.

For the hotel search, Kayak then accesses the offers of various tour operators and providers. Examples include Booking.com and Hotels.com.

Kayak rental cars – explore the vacation destination with the vehicle of your choice

Kayak rental cars
Kayak rental cars

For many, a perfect vacation includes a rental car to explore the destination country. For this vacation component, you can fire up Kayak’s rental car search engine. For the ideal vehicle with everything you want, you should fill in other filters.

Type of insurance coverage, preferred rental car classes, equipment, and favored rental car brokers and car rental companies are selectable. Among the offers, you will find, for example, rental cars from Hertz, Europcar, and Avis.

With these offers, Kayak is not only one of the flight search engines, but also helps you to find the perfect hotel and a suitable rental car. If you don’t want to put together the individual components yourself, you can use the “Flight + Hotel” category. You will find flights and accommodations that are coordinated with each other. Recently, you can even use the travel search portal to search for and compare train tickets.

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What features and tools does Kayak offer?

The travel search engine has several tools and functions for you to get the best possible overview of prices for flights, hotels, and rental cars. For airfares, the fee calculator is particularly interesting. So that there are no nasty surprises about additional, hidden costs, you can use the fee calculator. This will show you the flight results including costs for the selected payment method and checked baggage.

Another useful feature is the price alert. If you want to travel in a few months, you can set the price alert. For example, if you are interested in flights from Düsseldorf to New York, you can create an account with Kayak and be informed about these flights when they are particularly cheap.

If you like to plan your trip individually and save money, you should use Kayak Trips. This tool is your very own individual travel planner and works very simply. On the flight, hotel, and rental car overview pages, you will find a small asterisk at the top left of each individual offer.

For the offers that interest you, you mark the asterisk. You can view these saved search results at any time and be alerted when prices have dropped. You can manage the created trip as you wish and share it with friends. You will receive updates on the flight status in real-time and will always be up to date.

If you want to go on vacation but don’t know where to go, Kayak Explore can inspire you. You simply select your preferred departure airport and can see on a map which destinations are served. You can also see the prices of the available flights. This can make it easier for you to decide on a destination country.

If you want to plan your trip on the go, you can install the Kayak app. The app searches the many travel websites for suitable offers. Particularly interesting: With the app, you get offers that you can only find with a smartphone and tablet.


If you want to book your flight, hotel, and rental car separately with different providers, you can do so with the help of Kayak. By accessing the different providers, you can compare the individual offers with each other. If you haven’t found an offer at the price you want, you can create a price alert and never miss a bargain again.

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