Momondo Review 2022

Momondo Review 2022
Momondo Review 2022

Compare cheap flights with Momondo

For some time now, the travel comparison portal Momondo has been causing quite a stir. In order to find the cheapest price online, especially for flights, the portal searches hundreds of offers from airlines and travel portals. So the price has the highest priority here. The service also works quite reliably. By focusing solely on the price, further information, unfortunately, falls somewhat by the wayside, but for travelers for whom only the price matters, Momondo is just right.


The comparison portal offers users a free search and comparison function, especially for flights. With just a few clicks, you can find the cheapest flight. In fact, hundreds of providers are analyzed in a matter of seconds and then clearly presented. Not only the major airlines are used, but also smaller and low-cost providers. Thus also in most cases, a really favorable flight can be found. Recently, a hotel and rental car search was added to the flight search. Emphasis is however further the finding of the most favorable flights, for which the portal recruits also in the public strongly.

The enterprise originates from Denmark and has there also its company headquarters. The portal went online back in 2006. Only in the last years, the web page became however also beyond the Danish borders more well-known. Since its inception, the programmers have been working hard on improvements and further developments. Thus, the service is extremely powerful today. However, explanations and information for less experienced travelers are left out. That is, the site is probably aimed at more experienced travelers. There is hardly any assistance.

The biggest advantage of the site is really the price search. The lowest price has been declared a priority. And that’s also noticeable when using it. The prices found by the search engine are really impressive. You can hardly find flights cheaper anywhere else. In just a few seconds, hundreds of other websites are scanned for the best prices. Low-cost airlines are also taken into account. The user can then decide for himself which airline to choose.

Currently, over 450 websites are searched for the best possible price for each search query. This service is completely free of charge. Since Momondo is “only” a search engine, only offers from other websites are displayed, to which one is then directed when clicking on an offer. That’s why the selection is also limited to the current three different searches: Flights, Hotels, and Rental Cars. The latter two are still relatively new and therefore not quite as extensive as the flights section. But the hotel search can be seen also already with 100,000 hotels search extent quite.

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There is hardly any direct information on the respective search results – these are then available directly on the website of the respective provider, if applicable, to which reference is made – but there is a travel guide. There you will find various city guides to popular metropolises around the world. That was it then in addition, which travels information concerns.

For the really low prices, the portal was already distinguished frequently. For example, Momondo was recently named test winner by Computerbild and DISQ, the German Institute for Service Quality. Here 9 flight portals were compared. Momondo could win the test with the lowest prices.


Despite being founded in 2006, Momondo has only really become known and successful in recent years. The reason for this is the reliable flight search, which compares hundreds of providers in seconds and thus delivers the cheapest available price. This is clearly the focus of the portal. This can be seen from the fact that the price comparison is really first-class. That’s why it has already won one or two tests by industry testers. On the other hand, however, this is also noticeable in that little is offered in addition to the search function. There is hardly any additional information on the respective flights. Only an online travel guide supplements the search a little. The translation of the website is also a little lacking here and there. While some areas are in German, others are still in English. This is probably not intentional. However, if you just want to find the cheapest price for your flight, Momondo is the best place to go.

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