How to live healthy with Best Outdoor Activities and Leisure Sports

Outdoor cross-country running in summer sunshine concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyle

Did you know leisure and outdoor-minded people stand a higher chance of living longer healthier lives? Scientific study on human health and behavior shows that the more active you are the longer you might live. This is to say, having fun and enrolling in some of the best outdoor fitness activities around you, can bring great improvement to your health.

I am ‘I want it all’ kind of traveler and I get sucked into wanting to try out everything. I’m adventurous like that. I have been involved in hundreds of different fun and leisure activities. It is the pumping adrenaline that makes me alive.

Outdoor activities like sports, hiking, camping, riding bicycles, swimming, and other water sports, keep your body in balance. Engaging in such activities regularly keeps your body and mind fit. Accompany this with good hale and hearty diet and see how much your body and health can achieve.

Below is a list of 8 discussed outdoor activities that give you more than just excitement. These adventure and leisure events, also keep your whole body system and organs fit and energized. Besides, sweating it out is the best form of detoxification and body cells rejuvenation.

1. Trail running

Trail running
Trail running

Running is first on the list of healthy outdoor activities. You gain endurance and speed and at the same time working on improving your heart and general body strength. Running also helps you to build healthy muscles and lose unwanted fats. Most of us would rather hit the treadmill, which is okay and has its benefits. But the truth is, outdoor running feels less like work and is more eventful.

Trail running is much more action-packed. Steep mountain running, crossing deep streams, crawling in mud, road biking, and much more all in one event. It involves hours to days of thorough fun and working your body. It is the most popular outdoor activity for fitness in the current world.

2. Camping and Hiking

Camping and Hiking
Camping and Hiking

There are a lot of things you can do to stay fit and boost your morale. Camping and hiking can’t be left out of that list. This nomad-like life adventure gives you basic and practical survival skills that are vital in life. Have you ever thought of what would happen to you if you were a plane crash survivor, alone in some jungle you can’t figure out?

Nevertheless, these activities involve a lot of physical action and brain engagement. As you learn to survive in the wild, your brain opens up to more possibilities in life. As much as you adventure, your health gains a lot more. Walking, running, mountain climbing, rock climbing, and much more activities may be involved in camping and hiking.

3. Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing
Mountain climbing

Your body operates differently in varying altitudes. This is because of the change in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Breathing changes and the amount of oxygen consumed by the body also does. That is why most athletes prefer training in a mountainous environment.

Besides that, mountaineering engages almost all the muscles in the body. Your mind and focus are also put to the test. The change of environment brings excitement. But the change in other conditions makes it a test of your adaptation. Climbing mountains more often will build you and offer the perfect body workout.

4. Ball games

beach football
beach football

Ball game events are easy to set up. They also have simple rules, making them easier to play by almost everyone. And by ball games, I mean, all of them. From outdoor soccer, American football, beach football, volleyball, basketball, and even rugby.

The sprinting, dribbling, the throw, the catch, and the scores train you for speed and mental engagement. In addition, these games are easy to love and enjoy. My bonding time with my dad was going to baseball games, he used to be a great player – played for Los Angeles Angels. I admired his fitness lifestyle as I grew up, and I can tell you for sure, the game kept him healthy.

5. Bike Riding

Bike Riding
Bike Riding

Riding bikes is a top stamina exercise. As you cycle, your back, legs, arms, and abdomen muscles are all worked out. You burn a lot of calories and sweat out a lot of toxins through triathlons and park bike riding. I prefer taking my fitness outside rather than riding indoor gym stationary bikes.

Even for a busy life, you can always get time to ride a bike. The advantage is, it is the fun and action that will motivate you to develop a riding habit. Eventually, your body starts recording gains. That is why outdoor activities make better fitness exercises.

6. Swimming


Now, this is even better. Swimming is a full-body exercise and a perfect physical therapy. Regular swimming works your muscle strength, body metabolism, and endurance. Being a swimmer makes your health better, from your skin, vision and focus, respiratory system to your physic.

People pay a lot of money for water therapy, a lot of others hold big meetings in Jacuzzi and swimming pools just because of the comforting effect of water. Therefore, taking on swimming as a hobby and a regular activity brings you similar advantages. It showers your life with ‘betterness’.

7. Kayaking for fitness

Kayaking for fitness
Kayaking for fitness

Kayaking is a real wilderness adventure. It engages all your survival skills, your energy, and tests your persistence. It combines a lot of body and mind training. How long can you hold your breath? Can you handle a panic-provoking moment? Can you swim in rough moving water?

Regular kayaking will boost your strength, make you a lot tougher, and help with upper muscle and abdomen muscle gains. It is also a thrilling and exciting activity, making it easy to get fond of.

8. Rock climbing

Rock climbing
Rock climbing

Rock or rope climbing are both incredible exercises. These gravity-defying activities play with your blood pulse and pressure. They help increase the amount of blood pumped from the heart to the body. On top of that, they train your whole body to work together to achieve one goal.

Both of your upper body and lower limb muscles are exercised during climbing.

Other Outdoor Activities that make great workouts:

  • Outdoor yoga
  • Beach volleyball
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Skiing
  • Strength training


Get your adrenaline pumping and burn excess calories for leisure. Some love hitting the gym, some love to run, others need a bag to punch. All I need is an adventure. There are several exciting outdoor activities that will do a lot of positive things to your health and lifestyle.

It feels good to be happy and excited – it feels even better to be fit and healthy. In as much as you are doing it for the fun, the good news is, it’s working out on your body and mind as well.

Get out there and have fun. Do not stop running, or backpacking, do not stop climbing mountains and cycling on country roads. Do it all because, in the end, it does a lot of good to your heart.

Founder and author at Tho Dia Media, loves photography and travel.