Extremely small OLED TV presented: Fabulous for people with space constraints

If you think of a 32-inch screen when you hear “small TV”, you are completely wrong. The company TinyCircuits offers two models on Kickstarter, whose dimensions are given in millimeters.

The ideal TVs for shared rooms in Munich a dollhouse: the models TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini fascinate not only because of their extremely compact design, but also because of the functioning technology with remarkable key data.

TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini: Honey, I shrunk the TV

The TinyTV 2 measures a manageable 47.6 × 36.6 × 25.9 mm and is nevertheless “fully” equipped. Thus, an IPS panel is used that can display 216 × 135 pixels – this resolution should be sufficient in the size class. Up to 40 hours of video material can be stored on the internal storage (8 GB), and a USB-C port on the back is used for data transfer and charging the integrated battery (up to 2 hours of playback per charge). A speaker and controls are located on the front.

The official manufacturer’s video shows what TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini have to offer:

The TinyTV Mini is even tinier. With 26.3 × 23.8 × 21.9 mm, it fits into the pocket of a pair of jeans – that is, into this absurdly small one for coins. The model flext with a real OLED panel (64 × 64 pixels) and also 8 GB of internal memory. The control keys are found on the top (with a magnifying glass or good eyes).

Even a remote control is included

However, both models cannot do what all conventional TVs can do: Receive TV program. So technically speaking, they are more like mini monitors with video storage and USB streaming function. But at least the mini TVs can be remote controlled with the “Tiny Remote” – and that’s probably the most important thing!

What could be better than grabbing the remote control in the evening, leaning back comfortably on the couch, grabbing the binoculars and spending a few minutes looking for the TV on the sideboard? TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini can be ordered on Kickstarter (prices start at $50 depending on the version), with delivery scheduled for March 2023.


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