Chinese Drama Blood League Millennium 2021 Review


The 46 episodes of the drama “Blood League Millennium”, which was jointly recorded by Tong Media Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Dongwang Cultural Development Co., Ltd., have successfully completed post-production. The review of the drama is currently underway, and other work of the crew is also proceeding in an orderly manner.

“Blood League Millennium” is a drama that uses “Xizhou War” and “Xizhou Pillar Covenant” as the basis for important historical events during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. The drama depicts the sage of the Yiguan tribe, Peng Shichou becoming the leader of the Jizhou melee political party and Xiangxi. The author established the basic short story of Peng’s Tujia dynasty in eight hundred years Xiangxi.

Peng Shichou is popular with the people because of his benevolence and kindness. During the Five Dynasties, the dynasties changed. The Peng family, a well-dressed family in Yiguan, Jiangxi Province, not wanting to be harassed by Nanwu soldiers, were forced to marry the Mayan family of King Zhou the Mayan clan of Changsha: Princess Ma Xizhen and Miss Peng’s Qihua, one from Changsha and one from Jizhou got married at the same time on the same day.

The Ma Peng Blood Alliance was signed, the marriage contract between Peng Shichou and the Jiangxi gentry lady 3000 could not be torn up continuously, and an epic tragedy began. Peng Shichou is knowledgeable and popular, but he cannot escape the shackles of his clan. When Peng Shichou led the Peng clan from Jiangxi Province into Xiangxi in Hunan, took power in Xiangxi in Hunan, and merged with Xiangxi in Hunan, they worked hard to win 800 years of peace for Xiangxi Tujia in Hunan, and unite with the unification of the world. Final interpretation He wrote a legendary poem and private service that is closely related to the process of the civilized behavior system in Hunan.

The crew of “Blood League Millennium, especially the producers, intends to fit in with the excavation and development of tourism resources in Xiangxi, injecting a large amount of Xiangxi customs and Tujia characteristic culture into the drama. The main scenes of the drama are based on Jabala Film and Television Base, Liye Ancient City, Lota Stone Forest, and Wulong Mountain Grand Canyon. The filming time in Longshan began on November 23, 2019 for 52 days, with more than 12,000 group performances. Person times.

Chief producer Meng Fanyao introduced that “Blood League Millennium” is not only well-produced and has a clear theme. This epic drama of the millennium also fills the blank of Tujia culture on the domestic film and television screens. It is a work that enhances national, cultural, and historical self-confidence. Excellent work”. The broadcast of the play will surely promote the further development of Longshan cultural tourism.



Drama: Blood League Millennium
Also Known As: Xue Meng Qian Nian
Hangul: 血盟千年
Director: Lu Qi
Writer: Zhu Xiuhai
Episodes: 42
Release Date: Aug 27, 2021 – ?
Language: Chinese
Country: China



Jing Chao – Peng Shichou
Shen Mengchen – Yucca
Jing Ruyang – Yin Sanqian
Wang Herun – Ma Xizhen
Li Hongtao – Ma Yin
Zhang Duo – Ma Xizhen
Luan Junwei – Ma Xifan
Zhou Hang – Liu Qing
Yu Mingjia – Peng Qihua
Gong Lei – Chinese Banker



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