Upcoming Chinese Drama In October 2021

2021- a year of many difficulties and obstacles caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. This is not expected or be welcome; However, problems have happened and we need to be strong and united together to overcome this epidemic quickly. In order for you not to be bored in the last days of anti-epidemic, the following will be a list of the best Chinese Dramas in October that you can watch while at home against the epidemic.

1. Live Your Life – 好好生活

Release Date: October 5, 2021

The story is about four girls with different experiences and love, they encounter obstacles and after get lucky again. They are the companions who will accompany the drama, bringing a story about life and romantic fateful love.

The girl Wu You had an unexpected accident, so she did not arrive in time to register her marriage with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend misunderstood her, angrily broke up, and left the country. To forget this pain, Wu You put all her efforts into her work. At work, she met He Xiya, who is basically “the embodiment of evil”. Wu You (Elvira Cai) and He Xiya (Lin Yushen) were once antagonistic rivals before becoming a couple. Wu You discovers that He Xiya is the man who saved her life when she got into a car accident.

Amorous girl Su Fei (Jiang Yan) is a skilled blogger, with the realities she has experienced, she goes online to share and solve emotional problems, which has attracted a large number of followers. However, in reality, she has no experience in love. Luckily for her, there was always a warm and reliable guy by her side even when her credibility was in doubt.

Lu Man (Tu Bing) has vowed to stay single because she believes marriage will only bring trouble. However, she cannot resist the attraction of Lin Qing (Zou Tingwei). Meanwhile, Qian Jiayi (Cheng Yi) is a powerful woman in the corporate world. She surprised everyone when she announced her marriage. However, things did not go well with her husband due to a difference in values ​​and they eventually split up. When she meets a strong and capable man just like her, what chemical reaction will it bring? Along the way, the four ladies always support each other and grow together in career and love. They understand that as long as you live well, happiness will not be far away.

Live Your Life Trailer

2.  Once We Get Married – 只是结婚的关系

Release Date: October 8, 2021

This drama revolves around a chance encounter between Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen. The two have to start living together, and after experiencing events such as “a wedding rivalry”, “a secret meeting with an ex-boyfriend” and “a trust crisis with Grandma Yin”, they gradually open up. The drama is a great example of the kind of work that can be done when you’re in love.

Wang Yuwen, who has always received much attention for her sweet looks, serves as the heroine “Gu Xixi”. She is cute and vivacious, and the innocent beauty that is exposed from time to time is even more moving. And Gu Xixi, who she plays, is not a “Cinderella” who is supported by the prince. When she learned of the financial pressure in her family, she comforted her mother immediately and quickly found a solution. She is a veritable “Little Fox Girl”. In the contractual marriage with Yin Sichen, she also maintained her original intentions, neither humble nor overbearing, facing her reasonable demands, she dared to be “hard-hard” positively. It is precise because of this that Yin Sichen is gradually attracted by Gu Xixi’s unique charm.

In addition, the popular actor Yi Bochen will be the president of the elegant gentleman Mo Zixin in the play. He has been silently accompanying Gu Xixi as a senior and a good friend. Mo Zixin is mature, steady, low-key and wise, and has his own set of principles when dealing with feelings. Because he has experienced the pain of loss, he will cherish his beloved so carefully.

Once We Get Married Trailer

3. Fall In Love With Him – 爱上萌面大人

Release Date: October 10, 2021

“Fall In Love With Him” is a youth romance drama, mainly about Zan, Si Kongming and others are “Mr. Meng Mian” carefully selected by Shalier. They are people who are not old and immortal and specialize in collecting the surplus of abnormal deaths. Four men called Mr. Time, who live with multiple identities.

As a girl who is always on the verge of death, Xiang Linger accidentally breaks into their lives and closely connects each other’s fate. They have experienced countless life and death together and gained love, friendship, and family affection from them, and they have healed each other with warmth. But the seemingly normal life has a grand conspiracy. It turns out that all accidental deaths were caused by Shahrir.

After they knew the truth, they decided to protect humanity and decided to fight Shahrir to the death. The people around the hostess lost their lives due to accidents or their own impulses. She realized that she must let go of the pain and continue to live hard and help more people. The hostess would not give up life because she was an abandoned baby. Inspiring to be a nurse to make his own contribution to save the dying and heal the wounded, but under the pressure of life, she can face everything happening around him positively and optimistically.

The heroes were attracted by the heroine’s energy, and she had different emotional entanglements with the four boys. Together, they fought against the dark power behind them and found their own memories through the heroines. When the crisis came, she still persisted. They fought side by side and finally defeated Shahrir, the manipulator behind the scenes, and many innocent lives.

Fall In Love With Him Trailer

4. Shining Like You – 而你刚好发光

Release Date: October 11, 2021

“Shining Like You” is a youthful inspirational romance drama, mainly about the good school girl Lu Qiyi who wants to go to art school in the south, she changed her choice and then hid her parents from going there to go to school. Triggered a series of stories.

Lu Qiyi has always been a good girl and a straight student who is obedient towards her parents. She had an excellent grade in the college entrance examination but chose to act with her parents behind her parents when filling out her wish. Not only did she face the danger of being discovered by her parents, but she also had excellent grades in the art school to prove that her choice was correct. Although this was a huge challenge for her from trial education, she still didn’t want to give up.

In the process of leading her classmates to restore the teacher, she learned how to integrate into the group. In the wonderful “Experiencing Life” course, she gradually opened up her nature. At this moment, her father suddenly visited, and Qiyi was facing the crisis of dropping out, and had to “postpone school.” In addition, some trouble happened, things did not go as smoothly as expected. Her passionate meticulously prepared musical repertoire was criticized by the judges, and the qualification for the final performance was unexpectedly canceled. Just when July 1 was about to give up, her friends helped her to gather students from all majors in the school and presented a wonderful singing and dancing feast. The wonderful performance of July 1 in singing and dancing finally moved her family.

Lu Qi Yi is introverted and bad at expressing herself, which is why it’s going to be an uphill battle if she wants to succeed. At this time, the kind and earnest Lu Qi Yi draws the attention of two “male gods” on campus – Fang Yan and Du Ang. Fang Yan who once started off on the wrong foot with Lu Qi Yi begins to like her more and more.

Shining Like You Trailer

5. The Last Goodbye to Mama – 您好!母亲大人

Release Date: October 13, 2021

“The Last Goodbye to Mama” is an urban family emotional drama. A story of hope and despair surrounding the lives of a mother and son from a small town in Subei. The play is adapted from the novel “99 Things With My Mom'”, and tells the story of a half-life trajectory of a pair of ordinary mothers and children in a small town in northern Jiangsu.

Ding Xiaojun (played by Yin Fang), who lived with his mother Ding Biyun (played by Dong Jie) in a small town in northern Jiangsu since childhood, was admitted to a university in Beijing at the age of 18; however, he is ridiculed by his classmates, after that he starts to rebel and lives a depraved life. Ding Xiaojun avoids his mother until he becomes a fat tiger and has an accident, and meets his girlfriend Yu Ya. Encouraged by his mother, Ding Xiaojun revived and graduated successfully.

He became a North drifter in Beijing but was deceived to Japan to experience a “wandering life” for several months. Beginning to understand all the hardships his mother went through for him, Xiao-Jun manages to make a long-distance call to her in order to return home. He returned after reconciling with his mother.

To the country, on New Year’s Eve in 2010, Ding Xiaojun received the offer letter from the Beijing company, and the long-planned trip to Shanghai will also come true. He arranged for Yu Ya and his mother to meet in Shanghai, hoping to take this opportunity to say goodbye to the old days and welcome the new to his shaky youth Draw a full stop. But on this day, the two most important women will leave him. His mother Ding Biyun was diagnosed with tumor bone metastasis. From then on, the mother and son began a difficult but warm anti-cancer life.

The Last Goodbye to Mama Trailer

6. The Pavilion – 八角亭谜雾

Release Date: October 13, 2021

It tells the complex emotional story of family members involved in the unsettled case in Jiangnan Water Village. An unsolved “octagonal pavilion case” that hasn’t been solved for 19 years has left the Xuan family shrouded in haze. When the murder happened again, the dusty memories and pain once again plunged the Xuan Family into the abyss of love and hate.

Seventeen years ago, Xuan Zhen was mysteriously murdered. Seventeen years later, another homicide related to the Xuan family occurs. Xuan Zhen’s older brother, Xuan Liang became the suspect. As the truth behind the old murder case gradually surfaces, years of conflict between the Xuan siblings break out again.

“Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Fog” upholds the characteristics of the fog theater, still only has 12 episodes, but the content of the story has a touch of reality. In addition to the suspense and reasoning elements of the crime drama, it will also pay attention to the deep content of human nature.

The Pavilion Trailer

7. Rainless Love in a Godless Land – 無神之地不下雨

Release Date: October 17, 2021

“Rainless Love in a Godless Land” is the new work of “Want to See You” Admiralty screenwriter Jian Qifeng. It challenges the doomsday fantasy themes of love between humans and gods, based on the Ami tribe’s animist mythology, and constructed an original overhead view of the world.

The heroine “Xie Tiandi” played by Zeng Zhiqiao is the only girl in the protagonist. No matter how bad things are, she will miraculously turn away from danger. As a tour guide in the play, she must use fluent Japanese to lead the group, so it includes learning the Japanese language.

‘Rain God’ played by the protagonist Fu Mengbai is a substitute for the gods under one god and above all gods. He has the ability to control rain and move instantaneously. In the play, he will follow the rain wherever he goes.

Yan Yu Lin, who hasn’t seen him for a long time, also participated in the performance of this play. He is an incarnation of the highest-ranked god “Wisdom God”, the director of the Department of Causal Correction, leading the task of the evacuation of the gods from the world, and has the ability to move and modify memories instantly. In the play, he is a professor in the philosophy department of the school.

In addition, Ke Jiaying played the role of ‘Cloud God’ this time. She is an unpredictable role like a cloud. She has the ability to move instantaneously and travel through people’s hearts. She can spy on everyone in the world. The scenes where she appears are often critical moments.

Describe the beginning of the environmental problem that caused the gods to choose not to bless this land. With the arrival of the last rain, the gods left the world that they are nostalgic for. A love story between humans and gods before the end of the day is about to unfold.

Rainless Love in a Godless Land Trailer

8. Out Of The Dream – 梦见狮子

Release Date: October 29, 2021

The play is based on Xiaohu Ruwei’s novel of the same name, telling the story of the love conflict, cultural conflict, and artistic concept conflict between the young Peking opera female veteran actor Yu Fei and the two-dimensional stage drama producer Bai Feili, growing up and breaking through the conflict.

Peking opera performer Yu Fei was kicked out by her teacher due to a mistake. Producer Bai Fei Li is looking to cast an actress with a background in Peking opera. As their paths cross, Yu Fei’s powerful voice illuminates the stage. However, they lose contact because of her mother’s death.

When they meet again, Yu Fei was already preparing for professional drama school, and Bai Feili’s drama club was also facing a crisis of new projects. Yu Fei entered Bai Feili’s house because of a part-time job, and Bai Feili concentrated on preparing for Yu Fei’s make-up lessons; her in-depth understanding made her think about his home. With the assistance of her grandpa and grandmother, the two finally fell in love. In order to allow Yu Fei to concentrate on the Peking Opera career, Bai Feili told her to break up when she was most desperate; but after knowing the truth, Yu Fei chose to help Bai Feili’s drama company complete the performance.

In the end, Yu Fei sang “Wu Zixu” on the different stage of “The Prosperity of Spring and Autumn”, Bai Feili also made the debut of the new drama “Nan Ge Like a Dream 2” full, and the two entered the marriage palace together.

Out Of The Dream Trailer

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