Upcoming Chinese Drama In November 2021

Last October, many Chinese dramas were released with great success. In response to that spirit, this November, the Chinese drama industry will release a lot of blockbuster dramas to please viewers.

1. Wisher (致命愿望)

Release Date: November 3, 2021

The name of the drama, “Wisher”, as the name suggests, must have something to do with wishes. The suspenseful color is mainly focused on the word “fatal”. In fact, everyone in daily life more or less has made a wish, but want to achieve the wish but have to pay some price, perhaps the effort, or other prices.

“Wisher” is a science fiction suspense drama that focuses on an app called Wisher that appeared on the cell phones of a group of college students without any warning, as long as they make a wish to it and complete a simple task randomly assigned, their wishes will be fulfilled. A group of young people who could not resist the temptation fell into it and as if they had signed up with the devil, and became dominoes under the control of their desires.

Behind all this, are controlled by a mysterious organization, then the people behind what purpose is doing this thing, everything is not yet known, everything is in the fog, and the devil signed behind the mention of what, then how to get rid of this desire temptation, may only do not touch to lower their desires, with their own ability to achieve what they want is the most correct direction.

Wisher Trailer

2. Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing (管你来自哪颗星)

Release Date: November 5, 2021

In the year 2021, Hanfu culture is reviving, and there is no shortage of young men and women wearing Hanfu in the streets.

Xing Xing is the owner of a traditional Hanfu clothing shop. She has a bright personality and is very hard working. One day, she was kidnapped by a mysterious man Xiaojun from the Celestial Star. She has unexpectedly fallen in love with Yu Tianqi, the grandson of Tianting Xing leader of Celestial Star, Yu Tian Qi, who is a celestial star sect from heaven that has existed for the past 5000 years.

As she learns more about the Celestial Star, she discovers that she is the result of a forbidden relationship between a human and an immortal, the only half-human, half-Celestial Star body in the world, which is the perfect material for making “mortal pills”.

At the same time, because of her love affair with Tianqi, she was regarded as a thorn in the eye by the leader of Tianting xing, who wants to get rid of her beforehand.

Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing Trailer

3. Marvelous Women (当家主母)

Release Date: November 8, 2021

The drama, starring Jiang Qinqin, Zhang Huiwen, Yang Rong, Mao Zijun, and Xu Haiqiao, tells the story of the first love of a childhood friend and his wife (one a childhood sweetheart and the other a proper wife), both are natural enemies yet they work together to pass on the traditional culture of brocade weaving.

Set during the Qing Dynasty, the weaving industry of Gusu dominates the industry with its embroideries often sent to the palace as court tributes.

The Ren family of Suzhou has perfected the style of weaving passed down from their ancestors for generations. The master of the house, Ren Xue Tang, has a gentle personality. On the contrary, his wife Shen Cui Xi is headstrong. With a personality like the thunder and the winds, she is swift and decisive. Under her management, the Ren family flourished and its craftsmanship grew in recognition so much that she has become known as the mother of the house.

Ren Xue Yang unexpectedly gets into an accident while trying to track down smugglers. With his whereabouts unknown, Shen Cui Xi endures her grief as she does everything in her power to keep everything together. She joins forces with her rival Zeng Bao Qin as they put on a united front against their enemies.

Marvelous Women Trailer

4. Love At Night (夜色暗涌时)

Release Date: November 9, 2021

“Love At Night” will focus on the 30-year-old female elite in the workplace, focusing on urban women in life and workplace difficulties, intimacy, love, friendship, and other intimate issues. The story is about strong but appropriate care on the one hand, and a decade of emotions on the other hand, but hard to redeem, should 30-year-old out of the comfort zone, to start a new life belongs to their own, and choose a relationship that is not favored by everyone?

Three distinct lines of affection, only to better present to the audience a more concrete, richer, more in-depth female urban emotional drama: independent and honest workplace woman Xu Qingyou (played by Zhang Yuxi), found the relationship for many years, the famous lawyer boyfriend Fan Yunxi (played by Li Zi Feng). When her boyfriend Fan Yunxi (Li Zifeng) cheats on her, she meets Mo Lingze (Liu Xueyi), a decisive investment banker whose fast, accurate, and ruthless view of love immediately overturns Xu Qingyou’s standardized life.

As the night has fallen and the bustling offices have gone quiet, Xu Qing You and Mo Ling Ze first meet due to a misunderstanding.

Xu Qing You spends all year round working so much that it’s always evening by the time she packs up to go home. She has been in a long-term relationship with Fan Yun Xi for ten years and was preparing for her wedding when she finds out that he cheated on her. Fan Yun Xi explains it was an accident yet Xu Qing You resolutely asks to break up. At this time, Xu Qing You encounters Mo Ling Ze.

Mo Ling Ze takes over the business operations at the firm where Xu Qing You is an employee. Because of work, Xu Qing You can no longer avoid Mo Lingze whereas he becomes amused by her reaction. On one hand, Mo Ling Ze is headstrong yet shows just the right amount of concern for Xu Qing You. On the other hand, Fan Yun Xi is desperately trying to win her back. Coming to realize what she wants for herself, Xu Qing You decides to start her life anew.

Love At Night Trailer

5. Fall In Love (一见倾心)

Release Date: November 9, 2021

The drama “Fall In Love” starring Chen Xingxu Zhang Jing Yi, is a typical Republic of China love drama, about the story between the Tan family army major and Shanghai’s first plutocrat woman Mu Wanqing, is a very good call and heat of film and television works, about the broadcast of this drama netizens, are also looking forward to a lot, recently there is new news about the airing time.

Chen Xingxu as Tan Xianlin, Zhang Jingyi as Mu Wanqing, Lin Yanjun as Xu Guangyao, Chen Xinyu as Gu Yueshuang, Cai Yuhang as Su Hongchen, Yuan Ruohang as Pei Shaojun, Ma Yue as Mu Wanting, Dai Zhiqi as Tan Xanyu, Shao Weitong as Tan Si, and Huo Zhengyang as Liao Xi.

The first daughter of a Shanghai plutocrat, Mu Wanqing, returns home to bury her mother. On the pretense of surrendering to her father, Mu Wan Qing has an actual motive in finding the true reason why her parents separated and her siblings died.

Meanwhile, a coup d’état occurs among the Shanghai army, and the once oppressed Tan Xuanlin rose up to become the new commander of troops. However, despite his new authority, he still finds himself walking on thin ice. Xu Guang Yao, the son of the Commander of Yue Cheng, is a man revered and admired by many. However, he dislikes the power struggles within the political field.

She accidentally befriends the Tan family’s army commander, Tan Xuan Lin, and her childhood friend, Xu Guangyao, the son of a Vietcong governor, how the three of them stand up for justice in these turbulent times has become a major point of interest in the drama.

Fall In Love Trailer 

6. Wen Xiang Shi Gong Zi (闻香识公子)

Release Date: November 10, 2021

This drama is starring the new generation of rising face stars, Li Mingyuan and Du Yuchen! The two of them worked together after “When Will the Prince Rest” and this “Smell the Fragrance and Know the Prince” is also called the sequel of “When Is the Son off”!

In the drama, Li Mingyuan played the main male – can be civil and military general “white war book”, the general’s temperament by his interpretation of the perfect, no matter how deep is the love of children, he can still take the big picture.

The company’s own handsome appearance and excellent temperament show his superiority. Now he and Du Yu Chen again to do cp is also much expected by everyone.

The only heir of the exclusive incense school in the jungle, Ye Xiaochong, in order to find the core recipe for ambergris incense, disguised as a maid, penetrated into the house of the Marquis of Pingyuan, met with the Marquis of Pingyuan, but was mistaken for a spy from the North, from then on the two became a pair of the happy couple in the constant jokes and misunderstandings, quarrelsome and faced many problems in life together, and eventually became lovers.

Wen Xiang Shi Gong Zi Trailer