Upcoming Chinese Drama In December 2021

1. Luoyang (风起洛阳)

Release Date: December 1, 2021

The drama is adapted from Ma Bo Yong’s novel “Luoyang”, which tells a series of stories about a group of people from different walks of life who are investigating an unsolved case in Luoyang during the Wu Zhou period.

Gao Bingzhu (Huang Xuan), an unscrupulous deputy marshal from the bottom of Luoyang, is involved in the case by mistake and becomes a suspect. While trying to prove his innocence, he meets Baili Hongyi (Wang Yibo) who is trying to find out the truth about his father’s murder. The two of them work together and start an investigation.

The family-born Wu Si Yue (Song Xi) is on a mission to investigate and approaches Gao Bingzhu, who has excellent martial arts skills and is quite wise in the marketplace, in order to find out the informant’s letter related to the case. As they go deeper and deeper into the case, they search for the truth and discover a shocking conspiracy that is enough to destroy the divine capital and stain Luoyang with blood.

Luoyang (风起洛阳) Trailer

2. We At That Time (那时的我们)

Release Date: December 1, 2021

Ye Ke (Cya Liu) and her high school friend Ji Zhixia (Amy Sun) reunited after a long absence. Ye Ke is working hard to become an excellent female motorcycle racer. Ji Zhixia is about to start a new life with her fiance Zhong Yuan (Li Ze Feng). Later, Xia Ran (Xu Ke) was away from home due to domestic violence and was taken in by Ye Ke, Tang Xiao (Zai Zai Lin), Xiao Ran, and Zhang Qiang (Li Mao). These young people live in harmony and love in the shared house.

Ye Ke encountered a bottleneck in racing due to women’s physical fitness, but with the encouragement of everyone and through extraordinary efforts, she overcame the difficulties. With the help of her housemates, Zhixia gradually changed from weak to independent and self-reliant. After all the twists and turns of career, family, and life, everyone in the shared house realized their dreams.

We At That Time (那时的我们) Trailer

3. Who Is the Murderer (谁是凶手)

Release Date: December 5, 2021

Xia Mu (Dong Zi Jian) as a witness to the murder of Xia Jinlan, could not bear the teacher who was killed in front of his eye, seventeen years later, Xia Mu with the idea of revenge. The purpose is to bring the murderer of that year to justice.

Leng Xiaobing (Xiao Yang) was deeply guilty for seventeen years, and he regretted not shooting back then. Now Leng Xiaobing took his disciple Xia Mu to officially open investigate the Hai Zhou serial murder case back then, and at the scene of the Ma Yu case in Forest Park, Xia Mu, and Leng Xiaobing, through speculation and mapping visits, locked the suspect was Xiao Huajun, but he had an alibi, and the person who opened the certificate was Xiao Huajun’s psychiatrist Shen Yu, who has since officially entered Leng Xiaobing’s line of sight The person who issued the certificate is Xiao Huajun’s psychiatrist Shen Yu.

Xia Mu has post-traumatic stress disorder due to the shadow of his childhood. In the process of Xia Mu tracking Shen Yu, Shen Yu used Xia Mu’s psychological weakness to successfully get rid of the tracking, and there are many doubts about Xiao Huajun’s suicide scene. Leng Xiaobing has suspected that this matter is closely related to Shen Yu.

That night Shen Yu received something from a stranger, she opened the box with skill and caution and saw a monkey-shaped cartoon sticker as well as a birthday greeting card, and this monkey card is the same as Xia Mu’s seventeen years ago when the killer took this cartoon sticker on purpose before leaving.

This shows that the murderer is most likely Shen Yu’s father Shen Ocean. And Shen Hai Yang has scalding scars on his hands, Leng Xiaobing went to investigate Shen Hai Yang’s information, learned that he is a psychiatrist, is access to anesthesia and muscle relaxation drugs, but the personal data was deliberately destroyed, the case then confused. Leng Xiaobing realized that Shen Yu is deliberately hiding, even she is named a psychiatrist, but her psychology is a big problem, and Xia Mu went to Shen Yu to treat psychological shadows but was hypnotized by Shen Yu to use, Leng Xiaobing timely discovery of the problem, to avoid Xia Mu deeper and deeper.

Who Is the Murderer (谁是凶手) Trailer

4. The Mask (也平凡)

Release Date: December 6, 2021

The original “The Mask” released in the set footage, will find in a sudden subway murder case, the calm of Linghai City to break, only to let the first day to report to the police station Ji Fan constantly deep in the vortex of suspense, after a dangerous to solve the case.

The drama tells the story of a serial murder case in Linghai City, which makes the criminal police officer Ji Fan team up with Captain Xiong Zhennan and forensic scientist Zhao Qingyan to investigate. However, the case is so confusing that it can never be solved. As the investigation progresses, Ji Fan gradually realizes that the murderer seems to be around, and the seemingly simple serial murder case leads to an old case 27 years ago.

The murderer is Ji Fan’s father, Ji Ting Shan, and his brother, Ji Ping, who have been carrying the burden of revenge for Ji Fan for 27 years. While tracking down Ji Ping’s whereabouts, Ji Fan also has to complete an undercover mission assigned by the organization to find Mr. A, the mastermind behind the three gangster families, and decipher the secret of the “Holy Grail”, a holy relic of the gangsters, and gets involved in a gangster fight in a European country. With the help of the Czech police, Ji Fan finally finds out Mr. A’s true identity, while Ji Ping’s target is actually Mr. A. And all this is also inextricably linked to their past.

The Mask (也平凡) Trailer

5. Love Once Again (谈什么恋爱啊)

Release Date: December 6, 2021

This is an urban youth inspirational romantic drama about what we choose when love and bread are in conflict. Lin Nuan Nuan dreams of becoming a professional manager, but when love fails, she simply focuses on working hard and puts the option of “falling in love” out of her life plan.

Shi Guang spent his childhood with Lin NuanNuan as a childhood friend and his father’s irresponsibility towards his family and his gray childhood, only Lin NuanNuan was the first warmth in his life. He is bent on realizing her dreams until he begins to face his true thoughts with Lin Nuan Nuan’s encouragement, but taking the first step to pursue his dreams means being separated from Lin Nuan Nuan.

Mei Jing, a “gold-digger or Money Worshiper” who can put a price on love for bread, and Liang Cheng, a “long-suffering boy” who believes in love and water, are young people with their own confusion about love and life. These young people have their own confusion about love and life, but in their stumbling lives, they draw strength from each other and embark on the road of their dreams together.

Love Once Again (谈什么恋爱啊) Trailer

6. Meeting You Loving You (人海之中遇见你)

Release Date: December 8, 2021

A love story that is full of heartaches and heart-fluttering moments follows Su Zhi Nian and Song Qing Chun as two people who overcome a past heartbreak to be reunited once more. The “Soong couple” from school uniforms to wedding dresses full of sugar hot love sugar overload warming the end of the year.

The “Meeting You Loving You” is adapted from the novel “Ao Jiao Nan Shen Zhu Wo Jia” by Ye Fei Ye, which tells the love story between the male and female protagonists Su Zhinian (Aaron Deng) and Song Qing Chun (Zhang Xi Ye), who are heartbroken and intoxicated, hurt and keep each other. Song Qing Chun, the leading flower girl of the TV station, suffered from the waterloo in her life. In order to revive her family business and reinvent herself, she has to temporarily surrender to fate and sign a contract with her “childhood shadow” Su Zhinian, and undergo “devil training”, and the two of them start a “bitter” but “sweet as honey” cohabitation life.

Meeting You Loving You (人海之中遇见你) Trailer


7. Ebola Fighters (大国担当之埃博拉前线)

Release Date: December 8, 2021

The drama is based on the story of a Chinese medical team that fought the Ebola epidemic in 2014. It is about a virologist named Zheng Shupeng (played by Luo Jin) and his medical team that fought against the virus and finally succeeded in stopping the spread of the virus and completing the medical mission.

The drama brings together a senior creative team and a strong starring cast and presents a panoramic view of the Chinese medical team that assisted African countries in fighting the Ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic in 2014 from the perspective of young contemporary medical workers.

Under extremely backward medical conditions, with the humanitarian spirit of medical science without borders, the sense of mission that the epidemic is a military situation, and the sense of responsibility to build a community of human destiny. With a sense of responsibility to build a community of human destiny, he fought the virus with his exquisite medical skills and finally succeeded in containing the spread of the virus, saving a large number of lives and successfully completing the mission entrusted to him by the Party and the people.

Ebola Fighters (大国担当之埃博拉前线) Trailer

8. My Heart (卿卿我心)

Release Date: December 9, 2021

The main story is about a scrappy girl, Lu Qingqing, who has no aura but is full of vitality, and an arrogant prince, Nangong Yixin, who is foppy on the surface but wise and warm-hearted. The little white rabbit Lu Qingqing is chasing after Nangong Yixin to get spiritual power, which starts a high sweet “porcelain” love affair. The native love words 360 degrees around the output, the bathroom to send clothes crazy peep, “elaborate” dress temperament seduction.

The drama “My heart” is Set in a fictional world where everyone has spiritual powers except Qing Qing who tries hard to master them but to no avail, she is a waste of no aura. But that changes one day when she meets the arrogant playboy Prince Yi Xin, who’s both wise and warm-hearted.

My Heart (卿卿我心) Trailer

9. If The Voice Has Memory (如果声音有记忆)

Release Date: December 9, 2021

The drama tells the story of Yu Lu Xi (Pan Mei Ye), an optimistic girl with unique voice talent, and Lin Nan (Miles Wei), the hidden voice god of the workplace elite, who work hand in hand to fight for their dreams and at the same time gain a beautiful love.

An optimistic girl, Yu Lu Xi, who has been working hard to become a voice actor as her ultimate dream in life. Yu Lu Xi takes Lin Nan as her teacher, and the two of them travel hand in hand in the world of sound. In Yu Lu Xi’s continuous progress, she also gradually discovers Lin Nan’s unknown secrets, and the two of them open their hearts and get closer. When Yu Lu Xi is successful, with love and career, Yu’s father’s Alzheimer’s disease hit her hard, she used her voice to gain love and also used her voice to bring back the memory of her family.

The drama revolves around Yu Lu Xi and Lin Nan, and is a series of ludicrous, sweet, high-energy, inspiring and healing youth stories. The cooperation between the two new-generation popular actors is also quite interesting, from the initial happy couple to the dream partner who works together to advance and retreat.

If The Voice Has Memory (如果声音有记忆) Trailer

10. I Am The Years You Are The Stars (我是岁月你是星辰)

Release Date: December 9, 2021

The drama “I Am The Years You Are The Stars”, starring young actors such as Chen Yihan and Liu Haikuan, is about a love story between a female protagonist who has a strange disease and may be about to die, and a male protagonist who is immortal for a hundred years. One life is short, one life is too long, itself is equipped with a good sense of conflict, forming a love story.

Jin Xiao Yu, a girl with a strange disease, meets a mysterious fashion designer Jiang Bai Ju during a bizarre bus accident. While searching for the truth behind the mystery, Xiao Yu and Bai Ju heal each other and fall in love.

The drama breaks away from the usual pattern of sweet drama by adding fantasy and suspense elements to place two people who could not have met in the same time and space, and the daring persona of a strange sick girl and a 100-year-old young master also unlocks more fantastic points for the drama.

In the drama, Chen Yihan Estelle as Jin Xiaoyu is a cosmetic surgeon, in order to better interpret this profession, she also went to the funeral home internship, from professional repair craft to work state is carefully observed, do not miss any details. Liu Haikuan as Jiang Baikui, is a cold and indifferent appearance through the vicissitudes of the total image of the boss, in order to show the best state in front of the camera, he carried out strict body management, and strive to present the best state.

I Am The Years You Are The Stars (我是岁月你是星辰) Trailer

11. Please Be Married Season 2 (拜托,快结婚吧 第二季)

Release Date: December 10, 2021

“Please Be Married Season 2” Adapted from the manhua “Mommy, Where’s My Daddy?” by Ake Culture. The second season tells the story of Ye Xiang Ge (Mi Jia) who has a successful debut after a series of setbacks and difficulties.

Rookie star Ye Xian Ge boldly chases the cold executive Su Mu Chen. Of course, there’s also a lot of help from their future kid An An who wants nothing more than to see his mom and dad married.

Su Mu Chen’s mother returns from abroad, further deepening the shadow of his childhood which results in conflicts with Ye Xiang Ge, but they are eventually resolved by love. While Ye Xian Ge focuses on her career, she also helps Su Mu Chen (Hu Jia Hao) to get out of the shadow of his childhood and overcome his insecurities as they progress towards having a happy home with An An.

The drama tells the happy life between two young men and women and their children in a humorous and funny way, and the three members of the family help each other, conveying the positive energy of the man and woman growing up, pursuing their dreams and being positive in the process of living together.

Please Be Married Season 2 (拜托,快结婚吧 第二季) Trailer

12. A Little Mood for Love (小敏家)

Release Date: December 11, 2021

The drama is based on the original book of the same name by Douban reading author Yibei. The drama tells the story of Wang Sumin (Liu Li Li) who raised her two daughters Liu Xiaomin (
Zhou Xun) and Liu Xiaojie (Tang Yi Xin) alone, not expecting that her daughters would be divorced one after another when they were over 30 years old.

Wang Sumin raised her two daughters Liu Xiaomin and Liu Xiaojie alone, but to her surprise, they got divorced one after another after 30 years. The eldest daughter, Liu Xiaomin, came to Beijing from a small place to work because her husband cheated on her, and she met Chen Zhuo (Huang Lei), who was also divorced and decided to remarry. However, both Xiao Min and Chen Zhuo have unconscious exes, adolescent children, and elderly people, so how to get each other’s family’s approval and integrate into each other’s lives has become a difficult hurdle for them to overcome.

The second daughter, Liu Xiaojie, was confused in her first marriage and divorced her husband due to a personality disagreement. She did not want to remarry but met a young talented man, Xu Zheng (Fan Shi Qi), a lawyer. Liu Xiaojie was seriously pursued by the man, but Xu Zheng was younger than Xiaojie and had not been married yet, and their relationship was strongly opposed by Xu Zheng’s parents.

Liu Xiaomin and Liu Xiaojie are taught by their mothers to solve their relationship problems with love and tolerance, and eventually, both find happiness in life and grow up.

A Little Mood for Love (小敏家) Trailer

13. Dream Garden (沉睡花园)

Release Date: December 13, 2021

The main story is about the male and female lead because once in the recording of a variety show, on the emotional love of the three views of the issue of disagreement, although they also formed a hatred, in the later stages of the female lead to help the male lead to solve the trouble, the two also finally harvest their own view of love.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Xiao Xiao (Qiao Xin) believes she is something of an expert. The blogger behind a popular social media account that addresses all sorts of relationship issues, Xiao Xiao has no shortage of experience when it comes to love. However, all of her experiences online can’t prepare her for her first encounter with Lin Shen (Gong Jun), a professional psychological counselor, who sees the world in an entirely different way.

After butting heads on a popular variety show, Xiao Xiao hoped that she would never have to deal with Lin Shen ever again. But fate, it would seem, had other plans. Hoping to improve her ability to analyze emotional problems by learning from a true professional, Xiao Xiao applies for a position as a professional psychologist’s assistant. Only too late does she realize that the professional she’s working for is none other than the cold-hearted Lin Shen. Despite their initial differences, the two come to not only respect each other but learn that by working together, they can help their clients overcome a number of serious problems.

Dream Garden (沉睡花园) Trailer

14. Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行)

Release Date: December 13, 2021

The Snow in the Humble Dagger” is an ancient inspirational drama directed by Song Xiaofei, starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Gengxi and Hu Jun in the lead roles, Gao Weiguang in a special role. The drama is based on the novel of the same name, which tells the story of Xu Fengnian, a son of a family, who grows up to be the King of Northern Liang through trials and tribulations.

About a young master named Xu Feng Nian who under the eager expectation of his father Xu Xiao persevered through hardships and growth to become the King of Northern Liang. Although the road was long and obstructive, and filled with ruthless murderous intentions, Xu Feng Nian constantly improves his martial arts skills, and he gathered many crucial people during this journey. He led the Beiliang cavalry to fight against Beimang at the time of the Beimang invasion and become the beacon of hope in the Central Plains.

When the North Mang invaded and the Central Plains was in flames, Xu Fengnian returned from his travels and led the North Liang Iron Riders to fight against the North Mang, but under the court’s calculation, most of the 300,000 North Liang Iron Riders were killed and wounded, and the 300,000 tombstones were still in sight, so he finally left North Liang to “die” in the imperial palace, and played the rivers and lakes with his girlfriends.


15. Victory (士为知己者)

Release Date: December 30, 2021

The movie story is born out of Sima Qian’s “Historical Records: Biography of an Assassin”, which originated from Yurang, one of the four great assassins in ancient China, and revolved around the allusion that “the scholar died for his confidant”. The adapted story tells that in a turbulent period of the separatism of the nations, Lian Qi, in order to avenge the slaying of the king, tolerated his name, and from this led to a complex entanglement of love, and the ultimate choice of his family, the world, and his personal morality.

It comes from Yu Jean, one of the four assassins of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Han, Zhao, and Wei destroyed the Zhi Clan, and Yu Jean, in order to avenge the death of Zhi Bo, ambushed the bridge like a toilet, swallowed charcoal, and painted his body, assassinated Zhao Xiangzi several times, and finally killed himself, leaving behind the ancient song “A scholar dies for a man who knows himself, and a woman is willing to dress up for a man who pleases her”.
The words are explained as follows: men are willing to devote themselves to those who appreciate and understand them, and women are willing to dress up for those who appreciate and like them.

Victory (士为知己者) Trailer