Korean Drama Flying Butterflies 2021 Review


JTBC’s new drama ‘ Flying Butterflies ‘ (played by Park Yeon-sun, directed by Kim Da-ye, Kim Bo-Kyung, produced by G&G Production, JTBC Studio) tells the story of a hair designer and an intern who dazzlingly transforms customers into ‘butterfly’ at the beauty salon ‘ Fly High, Butterfly’. It is attracting attention as the next work of writer Park Yeon-sun, who is counted as one of the works of many people’s lives. Writer Park plans to draw the story of people who love ‘me’ and people who try to love ‘me’ from now on through a hairdresser who handles hairstyle that determines 90% of a person’s image in 2021. And actors Kim Hyang-gi, Choi Daniel, Oh Yoon-ah, Shim Eun-woo, Park Jung-woo, Moon Tae-yu, and Kim Ga-hee confirmed their work as hairdressers at the workplace ‘Fly High, Butterfly’.

First, there are four interns who dream of becoming hair designers. Kim Hyang-gi, who was recognized for her unrivaled acting skills across the screen and home theater, took on the role of ‘Joy’, the best intern. In the drama, Kim Hyan Gi plays a trainee Gi-Bbeum. She is 20 years old this year, is one of 4 new interns of the salon. Gi Bbeum brings in her youthful enthusiasm, she constantly strives to become a professional hairstylist. The youngest intern ‘Muyeol’ will be played by Park Jung-woo, who swept women’s hearts by showing off the essence of a younger man in the web drama ‘Love Playlist’. Moon Tae-yu, who recently took a picture of her through ‘Hospital Playlist’. Last but not least, Kim Ga-hee, a monster newcomer who received the attention of Chungmuro ​​through the independent drama ‘Park Hwa-young’, took on the role of ‘Suri’, a friendly and positive intern.

Next, the three professional hair designers who are in charge of the beauty salon ‘Fly High Butterfly’ and lead the interns’ emergency are as follows. Choi Daniel, who crosses genres such as comic, melodrama, and thriller, decided to return to the small screen after three years by taking on the role of Kwang-soo, a designer who values ​​professional opinions. No matter what role she takes on, Oh Yoon-ah, who has a presence with her own color, plays Michelle, the director of ‘Fly High Butterfly’. Shim Eun-woo, who proved infinite possibilities through the drama ‘The World of the Married’, takes on the role of ‘Zen’, a designer who graduated from engineering school.

Although Gi-Bbeum works hard and is highly skilled, she has one weakness – the ability to communicate with customers. In the salon, she works with Gwang Soo – a famous hair stylist; Michelle – a hair salon owner and also a famous hair stylist. Besides, there are also Moo Yeol, teachers Woo and Soo Ri in the shop. Together they pursue their dreams, affirm their abilities and enhance the salon’s brand.

The production team said, “For the first time in a domestic drama, actors Kim Hyang-gi, Choi Daniel, Oh Yoon-ah, Shim Eun-woo, Park Jung-woo, Moon Tae-yu, and Kim Ga-hee will appear in ‘Flying Butterflies’, which will tell the story of a hairdresser as a professional and a hairdresser as a professional. I will meet you,” he said, adding, “I will visit you with the stories of ‘people’ with the unique sensibility of writer Park Yeon-sun, who stimulates sympathy as if my heart was caught.”



Drama: Flying Butterflies (literal title)
Also Known As: Fly, Butterfly , Fly Up Butterfly , nalaollala nabi , Naraollara Nabi , Salon de NABI , Fly High Butterfly, 날아올라라 나비
Revised romanization: Nalaollala Nabi
Hangul: 날아올라라 나비
Director: Kim Da-Ye, Kim Bo-Kyeong
Writer: Park Yeon-Sun
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: Aug 23, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021
Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:30
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea



Kim Hyang-Gi – Gi-Bbeum
Daniel Choi – Gwang-Soo
Oh Yoon-Ah – Michel
Sim Eun-Woo – Jen
Park Jung-Woo – Moo-Yeol
Moon Tae-Yoo – Teacher Woo
Kim Ga-Hee – Soo-Ri