Chinese Drama The Abyss 2021 Review


For those who like to read novels, the classic work “Silent Reading”, you will definitely have an impression. As we all know, the remake of a classic novel into a drama is not something unusual in the entertainment industry, and it is even more strange to see “Silent Reading” become a drama work.

The “Silent Reading” is officially renamed “The Abyss”, and the main males have been determined, Zhang Xincheng with Fu Xinbo, similar to what was rumored on the net before.

In the drama, Fei Du is played by Zhang Xincheng. In the original story, Fei Du is a slightly evil temperament of the domineering president, rich second generation. In accordance with Zhang Xinsheng’s previous road of play, naturally will not and this kind of role close.

However, on the stills, Zhang Xincheng with long hair, gold-rimmed glasses look is quite a “gentleman” within the flavor, also considered to fit the temperament of Fei Du. The image of Fei Du in the original is long hair and sickly feeling, and from Zhang Xincheng’s recent roadside view, is really and the original party feel particularly similar, not to mention the appearance and body, Zhang Xincheng even attitude has been in the fit Fei Du, originally there are many people think Zhang Xincheng looks sunshine, not at all suitable for Fei Du, but did not expect that Zhang Xincheng can actually in the temperament and Fei Du slowly close.

The most controversial is definitely Fu Xinbo, this time he played the detective team leader Luo Wenzhou. The main reason why Fu Xinbo is questionable and controversial is that he is a married actor.

Fu Xinbo is a married actor, will always make people feel strange, it is inevitable to see the people out of the drama. However, some netizens say that married and delayed change does not conflict, such as Yin Zheng and Huang Xiaoming had starred in the “The Sideburns Are Not Begonia Red” have also been well received. As long as the actor’s acting skills are over the top, everyone is high on the role of CP.

It is known that the original work of “The Abyss” is an original delay, meaning that the two male leads will have emotional lines. The drama is definitely to remove this mainline and turn into the main male brotherhood. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

It must be said that Zhang Xincheng’s group of photos is noble and elegant, black suit white shirt looks teenage sense, retro big back haircut show low-key luxury. The eyes hidden under the gold-rimmed glasses are a little less sharp, giving the impression of carelessness and oppression, quite a gentle and ascetic taste.

If the textured dark green blockbuster shows the aristocratic temperament, then Zhang Xincheng this group of black and white photos gives a sense of fragility after the sedimentation of time. The actual fact is that the actual person’s temperament and acting skills aside if you look at this look alone, Zhang Xincheng does give people the shock of “Fei Du shape”.

In this drama, Xiao Yu played Lang Qiao is not only a beautiful police officer, but also the first person in the drama to get high CP, or quite look forward to the performance of the young lady in this drama.

The story of “The Abyss” is about Luo Wenzhou, a detective team leader who carries his master’s last wish, and Fei Du, a “crime expert”, who team up to uncover the truth of the “Picture Book Project” series of unsolved cases spanning two decades, starting from a seemingly ordinary case of a working teenager who dumped his body.

Luo Wenzhou is an elite member of the police force and is naturally on the side of justice, while Fei Du has a sense of morality and responsibility that is far below normal due to a certain congenital defect and is always on the edge of the abyss.

The original portrayal of Luo Wenzhou is clear eyebrows, handsome out of youthfulness, but his demeanor and temperament can be seen as a mature man, under the body of the casual shirt to reveal the hidden muscle lines, is typical of the broad shoulders and long legs. As a police officer, Luo Wenzhou must have a very strong physique, and Luo Wenzhou definitely will not have a mustache, the whole person’s feeling is clean and sharp, I have to say that the difference is too big.

It is no wonder that people are worried that the actors can’t handle it, the two male leads in this drama are Zhang Xinsheng and Fu Xinbo, respectively, and recently during the shooting period there was a lot of road traffic out, of which Zhang Xinsheng still got a lot of praise, first of all, Zhang Xinsheng was originally a young actor in the strength of the faction, he played in the play is basically a hit.



Drama: The Abyss
Also Known As: Mo Du, Silent Reading, The Light in the Night, 默读, Shen Yuan, Light the Darkness
Native Title: 深渊
Director: Qiu Zhong Wei
Screenwriter: Li Lin
Network: Mango TV
Episodes: 30
Release Date: Airs: Sep 8, 2021 – ?
Runtime: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Language: Chinese
Country: China



Steven Zhang Xin Cheng – Fei Du
Fu Xin Bo – Luo Wen Zhou
Eden Zhao – Xiao Hai Yang
Liu Yi Hang – Tao Ran
Xiao Yu – Lang Qiao
Jeremy Zuo