Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB Review

The model update with an updated controller and NAND memory once again works well for Samsung. The new Samsung 870 Evo is the fastest SATA SSD in the test field and shows partly unexpected strengths instead of weaknesses.

Samsung’s Evo with SATA are best sellers

Although the number of M.2 SSDs with NVMe keeps increasing, there is still a market for the classic 2.5-inch form factor with the SATA interface. Samsung serves this with the new 870 Evo, which follows in the mainstream footsteps of the successful predecessors 860 Evo (review) and 850 Evo (review).

Samsung calls the 860 Evo and 850 Evo the best SATA SSDs Wirecutter Review for client PCs and refers to figures from the NPD and GfK market researchers. The fact that the SSDs are or were permanent favorites in the top 10 most sought-after SSDs in the ComputerBase price comparison underlines this.

870 EVO is the Samsung’s latest model of the world’s best-selling 1) client PC SATA SSD series, with the latest sixth-generation V-NAND technology and the new MKX controller.

1) Sources: 850 EVO & 860 EVO series, NPD(US) Jan. 2015 to Apr. 2020, GfK(EU5) Jan. 2015 to Apr. 2020, GfK(China) Sep. 2018 to Apr. 2020)

MKX meets V-NAND V6 (TLC)

While the appearance remains practically unchanged, the innovations are inside. The MJX controller of the 860 Evo is followed by the new MKX generation, which is already used in the 870 QVO (review) with QLC memory.

However, the 870 Evo again uses TLC NAND with 3 bits per memory cell. However, this now belongs to the sixth generation 3D NAND with 1xx layers (V-NAND V6). Samsung claims to have improved the performance by “at least 10 percent” compared to the previous generation with a “speed-optimized circuit design”. The read latency is put at under 45 µs and the write access is supposed to happen in less than 450 µs. At the same time, the power consumption is supposed to drop by more than 15 percent.

860 Evo870 Evo870 QVO
ControllerSamsung MJXSamsung MKX
NAND Flash-Speicher3D TLC (V-NAND V4, 64 Layer)3D TLC (V-NAND V6, 1xx Layer)3D QLC (V-NAND V5, 96 Layer)
Storage space250 GB
500 GB
1.000 GB
2.000 GB
4.000 GB
1.000 GB
2.000 GB
4.000 GB
8.000 GB
Warranty period5 Years3 Years
TBW pro TB600360

Cost savings in manufacturing due to a higher storage density are indicated by Samsung with an increased productivity of more than 20 percent, although the storage density does not seem very high in view of competing products.

Samsung V-NAND V6Toshiba/WD BiCS5
Chip512 Gbit TLC (4 Planes)
Die101,58 mm²66 mm²
Dichte5,0 Gb/mm²7,8 Gb/mm²
Read (tR)45 µs56 µs
Program82 MB/s132 MB/s
I/O1,2 Gb/s1,066 Gb/s
PowerVcc: 2,35 V bis 3,6 V
Vccq: 1,2 V
Vcc: 2,3 V bis 3,6 V
Vccq: 1,2 V, 1,8 V
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